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Pointe Shoes and Pain


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I think I would probably blister without taping my toes. I have three toes on each foot that seem prone to blistering and I tape them for every class except for the wonky fourth toes on each foot that need a jelly toe. I use Vetrap (it's the 4-inch wide one - usually available at tack/saddle shops, vet supplies, and Petsmart now seems to have it in limited colors - got a pink camoflauge print from Tractor Supply!) It seems to be the perfect size if you cut across and make strips that are about 1" by 4". Vetrap is great as it doesn't stick to skin and provides a light amount of cushioning too. Vetrap is made by 3M and a roll of 2.2 yards (unstretched) usually runs me a little over $2. The pink camo one I have is called PowerFlex made by Andover Health Care and is the same price. One roll has lasted me a year of once a week 45-minute pointe classes.

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Thanks. I think my sister gave me some for my dog. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't as awesome a colour as pink camoflage. From memory it was purple. Now to find it...I'm sure I put it somewhere safe. :grinning:

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