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Awkward age starting Ballet at 19?


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Thanks for letting us know! I'm glad you had a good experience at Dokoudovsky's, it sounds like a great school!


I do remember going to BAE and feeling overwhelmed, I didn't know ANYTHING as well as I thought when I was taking class there. I pretty much had the same experience you had my first day, overwhelmed, it was too hard, I wasn't used to just having combinations given verbally, etc. I do encourage you do try a second class with this teacher to see if it gets any better; I may have just gotten lucky with Mr. Andros in the fact that he really took me under his wing while I was there. I also remember some of the students being stand offish, they seemed to warm up more once I became a regular and I ended up making some great contacts for future reference. I'm sorry to hear that your experience wasn't exactly great.


So this response is probably really late! Moreover, I tried another class at BAE, Don Paradise's, and I love it! Like Andros for you he seems to have taken me under his wing. I have improved alot since taking his class back in october and continue to go to his class as a regular at the minimum twice a week but usually 3-4 (I couldn't go to the Conservatory of Dance anymore due to scheduling conflicts as well). When my college semester starts in late January I will continue taking his and try rodnons too (In addition to taking advanced modern dance at my college with the dance professor I really connected with there as well). Also, I am getting the linear progression I wanted as well, and really think I found a home here at BAE...well for now at least!

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Thank you for the clarification. Capitalization of people's names would help us understand things. :grinning:

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