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Ballets: Die Puppenfee

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It indeed is by Josef Bayer. You can buy the music here: http://www.amazon.de/Puppenfee-Sonne-Erde-...a/dp/B000260QDS


I know there must be a video recording available by the Viennese State Opera Ballet somewhat from the 1970s- my aunt danced the "baby doll" solo in it when she was a ballet student- but I can`t find it anywhere.


I am delighted to have someone remember that ballet. It is a true gem- but unfortunately not well known.

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The original "Puppenfee" is by Bayer, but when it was staged in St. Petersburg in 1903 by the Legat brothers, they chose to interpolate music by other composers, part of which, known today as the "Fairy Doll" pas de trois, with a Columbine-like woman and two Pierrots supporting her, is from that version. That music is from "Harlequin's Millions" by Drigo. I cannot recall if they used any Tchaikovsky in their version, but it wouldn't surprise me.

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I just wondered whether you were confusing The Fairy Doll with The Fairy's Kiss by Stravinsky. Below is a quote from the Naxos CD on their recording of the piece.




Like Pulcinella, The Fairy's Kiss is based on older music. Here Stravinsky, drawing mostly on themes from Tchaikovsky's small piano pieces, develops them and augments them with original connective tissue to produce what sounds like a new, authentic Tchaikovsky ballet - although the multilayered texture about four minutes into Scene II suggests a Tchaikovsky who knew Petrushka!



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Oh yes, it is Bayer. I was looking at this link here: http://www.amazon.com/Bayer-Fairy-Doll-Com...ef=pd_rhf_p_t_3

The first reviewer said it was by Tchaikovsky and I kinda got it stuck in my head I guess!


Anyway, I'd like to see a recording of the ballet because I know little about it and have never seen it.

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A couple years ago I bought the dvd on Ebay ISBN 978-7-88588-453-6 from a seller in Hong Kong. The cover is in Chinese and Russian which I can't read. It is danced by the students of the Vagonova academy filmed in 1990 released on dvd 2007.

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No small amount of historic material is preserved by the Vaganova Choreographic Institute as student production repertoire. The main Maryinsky company may not have done the ballets for decades or longer, but the kids get to have fun, as well as learn things about production by presenting them. Fokine's "Le Pavillion d'Armide", also dating from the first decade of the twentieth century, is another example.

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Hello!  I am looking for the Act 2 music for the Soldiers in the Fairy Doll Ballet.  Any ideas? 

Thanks so much!

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