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pirouette princess

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Hello everyone!

I am going to begin taking a partnering class with the other girls in my level. There are girls of all different heights, and we will be placed with one of the four boys closest to our height. The two taller boys are experienced with partnering, and can lift all of the girls, but the shorter boys are younger, less experienced and unable to lift the smallest of the girls. I will be with one of theese boys, as I am towards the shorter end of the class. How much does not doing lifts limit what can be accomplished in partnering class?

Pirouette Princess

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Are you and the other girls all new to pas de deux class? If so, I would not worry about lifts for a while. When they do start, I'm sure the teacher will allow all of the girls to learn the lifts. The stronger males can work with more than one partner in a class, if the other boys are not ready to lift yet.

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Thank you so much for this information. About 1 quarter of the class is new to partnering, but as I just realized the experienced girls (of which I am not one of) are all taller and will be with the experienced boys, so as you said there should be no problems at least in the beggining. Thanks again

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