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I didn't see an October celebration thread so figured it was time to start one!


I had a good dancing weekend, including the first Nutcracker rehearsal on Saturday. The other adults in our group are really nice and our costumes are pretty (and they fit, an added bonus!). I am excited because I'll be dancing en pointe - now I just have to keep working my tail off so the director keeps me en pointe! He also asked me to demonstrate a few turns and correct arm positions for some of the younger kids, which is certainly a first. No one has ever accused me of being a good turner before. :)


What else are people celebrating this month?

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Not really ballet related but my husband returns tonight after being stationed in San Diego without us for the last year and two months. He's on his last assigment in the Navy, and though it's an hour drive each way it's a lot closer than San Diego, and should be mostly home the next three years!

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I have seen Polina Semionova dancing in Swanlake last week. First I was really disappointed and I could not understand why everyone thinks that she is so great. The prince was nearly dying from love and she did not even look at him. But then, when she returned after the break, I realized that I was SO WRONG: I have no idea what the did to her during the break (gave her coffee??) but she came back as the Black Swan and I have never seen someone dancing as amazing as her (not really but still very impressive). Also the white one in the last act was AMAZING and they got a whole lot of applause.


I left the Opera very impressed. I had such a good place that I could see every detail and I noticed that she extremly pretty too.


Oh well, it was the nicest evening I had since a long time!

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Congrats to you Gimpydancer - how great to have your husband be so much closer!


My biggest accomplishment this month was this morning. It is a holiday for those of us that work in the legal industry :grinning: - so I took advantage of the opportunity to participate in as many exercise classes that I could manage at my local fitness center. I am usually working during the day, and cannot usually attend these classes. Today, in the morning aerobic class, the teacher made a comment that I had really good balance, am very flexible and have a good sense of movement - gee go figure! :) But she felt my hips are a little bit too turned out - ummm, I didn't tell her I take three or four ballet classes each week. I just told her "yep, it is a bit of a problem for me". It's most noticeable when we do squats in second position. I do try to do as much of an aerobic class not turned out, but I find my feet just turning out when I need to go into a wider stance or if we're doing balancing exercise. Oh well!


But it was nice to be able to jump in and participate without any problems, and to be able to keep up with the much younger class members. One of the greatest joys was the actual freedom of movement, just moving across the floor with no set port-de-bras was amazing!

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Thanks dancepig! :grinning:


I actually do have a ballet-related celebration too. I always thought my ideal schedule for dance would be three ballet classes a week plus a yoga and a pilates class. I finally have that this year, and can even add a fourth ballet class (it's taught by a modern/jazz teacher so not as strictly ballet as I'd like but it might work)! Not to mention the fifth ballet class I can add at a different studio once I start gearing up for Richmond! Awesome!

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I was actually wondering about the fact that we had no October celebration thread! I feel inspired to post something, too, after seeing everyone else's!


I also had Nutcracker with Reebs and I also LOVE the costume! Of course, going to have to go easy on Thanksgiving if I expect to wear that white tutu on stage in December! But I am really excited all the same! The rehearsal was really fun and I even got a few compliments from the director. I am happy to see how he is using us adults in the scene and we are just as much a part of it as the others, which is something I worried about! And, while Reebs is happy to be on pointe, I am relieved that I am not! ;) I am really getting excited about the show!


Also, had a great class last week. My teacher had to leave so one of my classmates actually took over the class and gave a really excellent class. I was very challenged and got frustrated at one point (the pointe portion actually) but I struggled through and even got complimented a few times. And I have class tonight, yay!

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Minor, but I'm re-realizing (?) how much I love releve retire/releve passe from fifth. I feel like I could stay there all day. I wish I could replicate the feeling in other steps, but heck, I'll take what I can get. :grinning:

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LOL! Yep - I know whatcha mean!


I'm happy because after much MUCH searching, I finally found the last of the three pieces of music that I loved to do creative ballet to when I was a girl. I may see if there's an empty studio room I can use just to go all out. Can do it in my own but it's weensy, so difficult to really move much in there. I'd love to do the creativity on pointe....that's what brought my muscle memory back in the first place!

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Saw a wonderful, clever dance performance Friday evening, "Thank you Gregory," a tap show. So well done, particuarly the contemporary piece choroegraphed to the Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby." Ballet related had two terriffic classes Sunday and one last night as well, definitley compensates for the bad class last Thursday. A really stunning adagio last night along with several corrections, who could ask for more.

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After this weekend's pointe fitting pouting pumpkin, I wanted to add a post about how it all turned around yesterday. So as mentioned elsewhere, I decided to g with a large length and narrower width in my Suffolk Solo's. I had pointe yesterday and they were sooo much better! I actually was able to do the majority of the exercises without the excrutiating pain that accompanied with my other ill-sized pointes.


Also, I got lots of corrections and things to work on over the next week. Lots of feed back, which actually boosted my confidence rather than making me feel bad about the fact that I am still just learning. I love my pointe teacher - she really focuses on me for some reason (maybe because I am older than the other girls in the class?) But in a positive encouraging way.


All in all, great class last night!!

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Not ballet related, but I'm now a homeowner almost- deal should close when the house is completed on nov 15. My house has wood floors downstairs, even in the kitchen, so piroette practice will on! Ballet related, I can releve more on the left, with little to no pain. I also had a dream about fouettes that let me see myself doing them, and I could get a better idea of how the individual movement of head and arms and legs work together. Weird what dreams can do for you sometimes.

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I'd recommend you get a temp floor to put over the wood so you don't scratch it. I did that - I have a little room with a barre and marley-style flooring over the wood. Saves the wood!

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We are working on things like that, floor & window coverings, mats, extra furniture, it's fun but expensive!

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This time it's ballet related- gave myself class last night and I was able to releve en retire and piroette to my right! No crazy multiples but some clean singles & doubles! I did try some sautes as well and those were fine- not ready to try jetes or one footed jumps on the left just yet but getting better!

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