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Hello!In 2010 I'm graduating from Ballet school in Sofia,Bulgaria.I want to look for job abroad,because there aren't many opportunities for dancing in Bulgaria.What must I do?Can you help me?Please tell me useful advises.

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Welcome kalinavlad to Ballet Talk for Dancers. I have moved your post to a forum that may suit your question a bit more. Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the Welcome forum. Since you are Bulgarian, your educational system of ballet may be a bit different than our system here in the US. It would be helpful to know if you are in a State school (a yes or no is adequate in your answer to this question). The Bulgarian dancers I have known have all graduated from the school in Sofia, many moons ago so things might be a bit different now.



By abroad, do you mean Europe or anywhere outside of Bulgaria? Have you run a Search of the various ballet company websites regarding auditions? Contacting the companies individually through their website is a start.


Looking forward to your introduction in the Welcome Forum.

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Do you have a copy of Dance Europe Guide - Dance Companies. It is a really useful book and can be purchased online. Here is a link to the page http://www.danceeurope.net/site/store2.shtml#deguide I just ordered a copy of the 4th edition update 2009.

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Thank you for your answer.I want to look for job in Europe,because it is difficult to find a job in USA.Can you tell me about the ballet dancers from Bulgaria you know?I'm finishing state ballet school.I'm waiting for your answer.

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