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Photos: Rosalie O'Connor and others

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Hi everybody. I posted about this on the General Discussion board, but wanted to make sure you all would see it.


Rosalie O'Connor, who dances with ABT, has a website now, with her dance photography. LOTS AND LOTS of great photos.





Click on portfolio, and then click on the first little picture. It will become bigger, and then you can click "next" and go through the whole bunch. Ms. O'Connor has written a few lines on each photo, too, telling you why she took the shot.


Hope you enjoy it :D

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Guest attitude

Thank you so much for this link, Ms. at. I especially love the one entitled " Ashley Tuttle as Giselle". She really looked like she was floating. I now have a new wall paper!

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Guest sylvia

Here's another, the Performing Arts Library website.


Go to http://www.performingartslibrary.co.uk/fwlogon.htm

Scroll down and click log in as guest

Click Pal Collection on the side bar

Do a search for ballet


You can try a search for specific artists but you might miss some as not all of them are labelled or labelled wrongly.


Mostly of the Royal Ballet, and visiting companies like the Kirov, NYCB, Miami. For the RB, they're from the 80s (Dowell, Collier, Eagling), through the 90s (Mukhamedov, Durante, Bussell, Guillem) to the most recent Giselle performances (Benjamin & Stiefel) and Enduring Images quadruple bill, but quite a few of Fonteyn, Nureyev, as well. A really wonderful archive.


Anyway, enjoy!

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Guest sylvia

You're welcome! And I take it back - DO a search for specific dancers because "ballet" doesn't cover all the ballet pictures - Guillem, Durante, etc, etc...

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  • Administrators

I just clicked on the Rosalie O'Connor site and it came up just fine, so I really don't know, Blondedancer. It could be that your browser was having a problem at the time you tried, or the server having difficulty. That happens sometimes. Try it again. Rosalie's photos are quite wonderful!

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The following French web site (which seems to be aimed mostly at professionals, but is freely accessible to all) has quite a lot of performing arts photographs, including some ballet ones:




Unfortunately, it's only in French, and their interface isn't very convenient (especially as it seems to be meant mostly for theater, so for example one can search for "author" and "director" but for the ballets sometimes the choreographer is listed as the author, sometimes as director, sometimes the composer is listed as the author, etc.) But the quality of the photographs is great, and they add more and more of them (recent ones, and also old ones which they digitalize).


So here is how it works: one should use the "recherche" (search) menu on the left hand side of the screen, "personnalité" can be for example a name of dancer or choreographer, "titre de reportages" is the title of the report (e.g. a title of ballet or the name of a gala), "auteur" is (sometimes") the choreographer... The easiest search criterion to use is in my opinion "personnalité". When one clicks on it, it opens a new window with two fields, "prénom"= first name and "nom"= second name. Then one can click either on "photo numérisées" (digitalized photos), which gives the list of photographs in their database (and then one clicks on the photos) or "liste des reportages", which lists all the items in their database including the name of that dancer

of choreographer, including some which haven't been digitalized yet.


For example, with prénom "Yvette" and nom "Chauviré", one gets five reports, three of which haven't been digitalized yet (one production of Romeo and Juliet in 1984 and two of Raymonda in 1983) and one from Raymonda in 1965 for the Australian Ballet with Fonteyn and Nureyev, including one photograph of Nureyev and Chauviré, and one report from 1940 called "La Classe de Danse" with Chauviré and Lifar and some unnamed POB dancers.


Unfortunately sometimes some dancers' names are misspelled (e.g. "Susan Farell" (sic)), or there even are some mistakes about who's dancing, but the quality of the photographs is worth having a look at it.

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Guest Medora

Hi Estelle! Great website! :wallbash: But I'm having a problem. If you do the person search and click on the "liste des reportages", I cannot click on the photos to see them after they come up. Or am I supposed to be able to see them? Thanks!

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Medora: you mean you get the small photographs but you can't enlarge them by clicking on it? I don't understand why it doesn't work- on my computer it works... Perhaps it's a browser problem?

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