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in my first 30years i was a dancer in my second allmost 30 years i was a mother , but you miss your family of dancers allways ... now with the compiuter age you can remenber more you can see dancers at my time ....nothing all air wind gone nothing left off 10 years working prof. it was hard working but special ...

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers corrice rijkuiter!!! We're glad you found us!!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers corrice rijkuiter!!! We're glad you found us!!

yea...but what to do from here ?I don't know where to start ? I live in italy now but was a dancer in netherlands amsterdam for 10 years , where are you and what did you do ?

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There was never any question for me about what I would do when I stopped performing. I knew that I needed to stay involved in Ballet in some way. For me, the answer was teaching!


Was there a transition period? Yes, absolutely. It was hard at first to watch others dance when I knew it would no longer be me....but slowly, that feeling went away and was replaced by another feeling- joy!! I could see the results of my coaching right there on the stage: young people developing into artists.


I still take class as well, which is a wonderful thing and I highly recommend it BUT, you must be aware that your body will not be able to do some of the things that it once could. Having children changes things. You must be very patient with yourself, and be happy with small progressions forward. It will teach you the lesson of patience for yourself- something that many dancers lack when young.


Be prepared for temporary setbacks along the way, and always remember that you have much to be thankful for because you accomplished something that few people on Earth get to do!! You had a lovely professional career and now you have children of your own. Those 2 things alone give you much to be grateful for.......


And we are here for you as you transition in this process!!!!! There is a thriving adult ballet student community here and there will be much support from them as you report the ups and downs that will occur.

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