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Audition: Attire for Young Men


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This may be the wrong forum - please move if necessary.


I've been able to find lots of information on what young ladies should wear at company auditions. But how do young men prepare? DS will start company auditions soon. And while he will likely do as he pleases - and what he thinks is correct - it'd be nice to have information in advance so I can drop hints if he is really doing something too far "out there." You would think the guys have no options, but actually they do. There's a large variety of tight colors and lengths as well as tshirt or leotard colors, styles, etc. The advice for young ladies is to not look like a student. Is that the goal of the young man, too (i.e. no white tshirts and black footed tights)? I've seen the way some of the guys dress in company class and that doesn't seem appropriate, either. Is there a difference between expectations of dress between auditioning in company class versus an open audition? And is there a difference in the way they dress/prepare in the US vs Europe?


While transitions are exciting they open up a lot of new questions.

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There is an old saw which runs, "A dancer is a student all his/her life." If you don't look like a student in an audition class, I don't know what you're supposed to look like. The advice, "Don't look like a student" might be better phrased "don't look and act like you just fell off the turnip truck." I'm rather old school and prefer white shoes and socks for men, but that's me. Grunge is SO over. Outré colors and tie-dye do not go well in an audition, as does not all-sequin unitards. Being neat and tidy in personal appearance and in classwork go a loooooong way in auditions.

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Cheetah, I will check with my DS this weekend, but I think he simply wore tights and a good-fitting T-shirt, clean, etc with his slippers - not sure if he wore socks, unless audition attire was indicated. He also has a one-piece leotard that he might have worn for some auditions. I know he didn't wear anything weird or grungy or too colourful.

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Thanks so much. There seems to be an interest in the guys we know of wearing the really short "tights", tank tops, and slippers with no socks, especially since there is no dress code in class anymore. I cringe to think of anyone showing up for an audition like that. I've read other posts from the young ladies and the advice they received was to go with pretty leotards - not school leotards - non-ballet bun hairstyles, etc. Which prompted my question and made me wonder what the compromise for guys might be. I guess you would want to stand out in an audition, especially if it was company class, but be memorable in a positive way!!! For now we'll encourage gray tights. He like to wear white as well. Should he avoid shorter tights and go with ankle/footless ones?

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Grey, Navy/royal blue, dark brown tights are even good. Keep it simple and it will look good in auditions. Biker's shorts are fashionable, but I just don't care for them. They really make the legs look shorter. Save the pin-stripe tights for after you have the job! :grinning:

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have to agree with Mr. Johnson here: All my expirience tells me to keep it as neat, tidy and clear as possible. As for shorts or not - I think your allignment has a lot to say. I have long legs, and prefer using shorts, with skincolored shoes. But for other boys it might be different. Any tights with patterns, stripes or extreme colors I'd leave at home.. :)

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When I auditioned in a "cattle call," I wore black footed tights with black shoes, and a colored tight fitting shirt (tank top or sleeveless t-shirt). Other guys wore black tights, white tights, grey tights.... I never felt like I did well, and never got call backs. I had better success auditioning in Company Class, and wore biker shorts (which I always wear) and flesh colored shoes, and a colored tight fitting shirt. I did get call backs/contracts.


I would suggest boys look "nice" in an audition and are comfortable with what they have on. Color is helpful. Avoid holes in your tights, dirty ballet shoes, stained shirts, etc. AD's can tell the young dancers from the seasoned dancers, regardless of what they wear. What is most important, is that the dancer shows off their body and technique and all of the potential it has!

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Surprisingly my DS chose to wear black tights and shoes. Not sure what shirt. He opted for black because it made is leg line look better. However, that was company class, so you're right, it might be different in a cattle call. He's going to try on of those pretty soon so it'll be interesting to see what he chooses to wear and if it impacts his opportunities. Regardless, he seems to know what's best.

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