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Archived: 2010-2015 European Audition Journeys


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Starting a thread to discuss the differences in the Audition Journey for European companies vs. Stateside.

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DS is currently making plans to embark on this journey, so we're particularly interested in hearing how others are planning. He plans to go with one or two friends. We'll be happy to share how he plans this, how it goes, etc. Two quick questions to get this started - can they get hotel rooms in Europe at 18? It's difficult stateside so it's one of the first questions we have considered. He has no interest in having his parents accompany him (though I would be more than happy to spend a week or two traveling across Europe!) Also, anyone using a website or other web-hosting program to put video (as opposed to mailing DVDs)? I know we saw one company (stateside) that clearly stated only a DVD would be acceptable and they would not take links to youtube, etc. We had in mind posting things to a Mac mobile me site. We've had problems with some of the file extensions, especially since some were European and difficult to play on just any DVD player.

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DD has lived in Europe since she was 17. She auditioned all over Europe when she was 19 and never had an issue renting rooms, booking flights etc. I am not sure if it is easier because many kids graduate high school at 16 so they are in post secondary school at 17. :grinning: Just a word of caution about hotel rooms. The cancellation policies can be much stricter in Europe so DD could not in some cases get a refund for last minute itinerary changes both when she booked directly with the hotel and even more so when she used a service such as Expedia. DD never sent off any videos, just a CV, two dance photos, one head shot and most importantly a reference letter from her AD at the time.

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DD is also heading to Europe. She will stay with family when in the UK and a mixture of friends and hotels for auditions in other parts of Europe. She speaks English and French so should be able to manage most places with the language. She is only sending out her resume and photographs unless the company specifically requests a DVD. She will travel mostly on her own.

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I'm also really interested to hear your experiences of this, as my ds will be embarking on this in a couple of years. Good luck everyone and let us know how the planning goes :grinning:

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I know that some countries vary as to age of "adult" so that should help in regards to hotel rooms. We'll also check out the cancellation policies, so thanks for mentioning that. We are hoping DS avoids some of the open auditions by setting something up in advance. Those are the ones that we assume will need DVDs. I know two companies he is considering have stated that DVDs must be sent and that any auditions will be invitation only. As we have more experience i'll post specifics on individual threads.

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You might find interesting information in the jobs and audition listings section of danceeurope.com . :thumbsup: Often they say exactly what they are looking for including height, positions available and audition dates.

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When my sister did this in the 1980s (and she still has a very good career with her company), she stayed in Youth Hostels. A very cheap and safe (if you use the YHA ones) of travelling & meeting people.

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One thing we're finding is that if you travel with a few other dance friends, your contact list grows exponentially. While DS has contacts in several European countries, his friends seem to be able to provide contacts in other ones. I'm going to point him toward the youth hostels as well. Fortunately between the three of them they speak about five languages, so that might help them, too.

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:thumbsup: cheetah

DD always liked to get to a place in daylight the day before. She always tried to find accommodations close to the theatre or studio which were usually not in the best area of the city. She liked to walk to the theatre the day before because she preferred to walk the day of the audition or class without really having to worry about where she was going. DD had only one potentially bad situation when she arrived in town very late at night and the hotel she had booked was very sketchy so she had to walk until she found a hotel still open. In Europe quite often hotels do not stay open nearly as late as you expect in North America. That was a very anxious night of calls back and forth!

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DD did her first audition today for Northern Ballet Theatre. She flew from Winnipeg to Chicago to Heathrow. Her flight from Chicago to Heathrow was 1hour 37 minutes late. She arrived at the audition just as the warmup class was starting. The warmup class was 30 minutes in the centre on pointe followed by the audition class. There where approx. 50 female dancers. At the end of class he called around 5-7 numbers, DD was not one of them. Men had their own class and three where kept after class.


She was dissappointed, however she knows it was not a good representation of her work. She did say that it taught her to be ready for every eventuality!

Next audition is Wednesday.

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Also, anyone using a website or other web-hosting program to put video (as opposed to mailing DVDs)? I know we saw one company (stateside) that clearly stated only a DVD would be acceptable and they would not take links to youtube, etc. We had in mind posting things to a Mac mobile me site. We\'ve had problems with some of the file extensions, especially since some were European and difficult to play on just any DVD player.


I\'m not going to be much help here, and I think you\'re probably aware of this, but just in case, I thought I should post.


DVDs made here usually won\'t play on European DVD players and visa versa. It is possible to buy a region-free (I\'m no expert but I believe there are 6 DVD regions around the world) DVD player on the Internet (fuzzy fuzzy though) but it\'s probably unlikely that the people viewing the DVDs have one of those Maybe they do. Hmmm. It would be good to ask first. Otherwise sending a DVD will be useless.


That\'s why hosting the footage somewhere else or on YouTube seems to make sense to me anyway.


When we were there last year, we even had problems getting hooked up to the Internet for my ds\'s school at various places. It was really mind boogling and took hours and hours to work out.


Best to your son on his trip!!

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balletmom311 - thanks for posting your daughter's experience - a good example of why it's a good idea to get there the day before I suppose. I hope she's taking it as a useful experience and good luck to her for her other auditions

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balletmom311 -- wows. Having traveled back and forth to London several, several times, it's outstanding that your daughter even went to the audition straight away -- I'd usually be exhausted and jetlagged (especially as I got older! :) ) and would want to crawl into bed.


As for DVDs, I've found that often a copy of a DVD made on a computer is region-free; that might be something to try.

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We had a file extension on a DVD of a performance - made in Europe - that only opened with certain computer applications. In the process it was transferred to my DS' computer. It worked on my son's computer - and he could burn it to another disc - but the disc would not then open on my husband's computer. And it wouldn't open on our Mac. It opened on my son's computer and one person - who received the disc for a pre-audition - was able to view it. Total inconsistency overall. It was an important piece of work that my DS really wanted to send/include. That was what prompted the original question - how to avoid sending something that wouldn't work in the end. We've decided to spend the money to work with a videographer who hopes he can convert everything into a disc that is, in fact, easy to open on "most" computers! In my mind it was a simple process but it didn't work out that way! So much for saving money.


balletmom311 - thank you for posting this experience. My DS is convinced he can arrive in a certain European city two hours in advance and make it to an audition. I'll be sharing this with him to show him that his logic is, well, a bit questionable. This would be for only one audition - an expensive trip if you get delayed and never make it to the class.

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