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When we booked her flight over we did not know about this audition. We booked her dates based on rehearsal committments for Swan Lake. One dancer did end up going two days earlier to make it to the NDTII audition. Knowing this we could have changed the flight for a fee/ We had already changed her return flight so she could fit in two more auditions at the end of the trip.

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Two years ago, my dd didn't bother sending over a dvd. We had heard conflicting reports that the companies could or couldn't play our format. (NTSC) So she just sent over pictures and her resume. She was accepted to audition for Zurich, Dutch National and several German companies without the dvd. Last year, the only company that asked for a dvd is her current employer. She overnighted a dvd in the non-European format and sent a youtube link as well. I have no idea which they watched.


Also, youth hostels are the way to go. They provide breakfast, clean towels, lockers for your luggage, sometimes free wi-fi and discounted tickets to area attractions. Of course you are putting 2-10 people in a room, usually in bunk beds, but you make the decision how many people in the room and it is reflected in the price. She would try to get to her hostel the day before when it was still light out and with her googled directions, found her way to the opera house where she would be auditioning the next day.

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How are people getting on in Europe this year? I'm hearing it's very very tough out there. My DD is at a top English vocational school and talk from the graduate year is that contracts are coming in a very slow trickle rather than the rush of previous years. Some students have nearly finished all their planned auditions with as yet no success. Is it a tougher year than the last couple?

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yes, it is tougher this year, it appears.

The dancers with contracts are not as mobile as they have been; there are companies forced to cut back.

Most companies - esp. the smaller ones - want experienced dancers and not those just out of school.

DVDs are often not even looked at, according to several ex-collegues-now-ADs, for they are usually too long and there is no time.





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Yes, the companies I know in Germany are losing dancers, or not replacing dancers who leave. And -- as I've reported here several times over the last couple of years -- dancers are not moving about so much, so that there are fewer contracts opening up. And the new accession countries in the EU include some with superb dancers, trained on Soviet-based training systems.

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DD has finished four of her auditions and has four more to go. One got cancelled due to illness. No job yet, the most promising was a last minute contact, she took company class and was told to come back for their official audition. She called me after and told me how the ballet master smiled at her from the minute she stood at the barre, the conversation after class was very encouraging. She said it was an awesome fit in everyway, so we will see if we can get her back to Europe a little later this spring. So far the biggest benefit is her increase in confidence. This in itself is worth the cost as DD has not always been sure of her ability.


She is lapping up the experiences from missed flights to seeing POB on Friday night for eight euros, which she described as stunning. She said the leads where breathtaking and almost made her cry. The only detractors, having a man in front of her vomit and have to be carried out during the first act, followed by a young man of about thirteen constantly blowing his nose very loudly and a young woman taking flash photographs behind her.


Next auditon is tomorrow!

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Wow, talk about the cheap seats! Good for her for having the fortitude to do this alone. This will stand her in good stead for a lifetime of successful travel.

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Dd also auditioned for several companies in Europe last month. I can commiserate with balletmom311 and her dd regarding the challenges of travel. Despite receiving positive feedback at several, some ADs specified that they would reserve their decisions until after they've seen all candidates. So there is definitely that hurry up and wait element. However my dd has received an offer from this trip.

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OMG!!!! That is terrific jmh4. Talk about crossing continents!!!!! Woo hoo!! Does that mean her spot in the states will be vacated? some of DD's friends will be happy to hear that!

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Thanks dbleon & 12daisygirl,


12daisygirl as far as I can tell this means dd's current spot will be vacant. She was invited to stay there. I know her current company has held auditions recently. I hope others will benefit from any openings there.


Dd spent a year training in Europe and has friends there & I think she will be comfortable in her new situation. Only time will tell for sure. Being the pessimist that I am I will exhale when pen has been put to paper so to speak. Despite my reluctance I felt strongly about letting members here know that some offers are being made. I have benefitted greatly from the shared collective wisdom here and feel a kinship with so many and a desire to offer what I can.


As an aside, dd auditioned for this company last year. The AD expressed interest in her then but couldn't offer her a contract at the time.

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Congratulations to you and your daughter jmh4!

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