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Archived: 2010-2015 European Audition Journeys


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Congratulations, it does seem that it will be a difficult year in Europe. I understand your discretion, but hope you will tell us more once the contract is signed.

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Thank you all for the good wishes. Keeping my fingers crossed that all will proceed as planned.


As an aside, my dd has had several good responses to the dvd she sent out. It appears that some ADs do actually look at them.


I hope there will be more members with positive news to share in the coming weeks.

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I hope balletmom311 will continue to update us about her dd's trip and experiences in Europe. I know many of our members are quite interested.

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Thanks happyfeet. I truly do appreciate all the support I've received here. I hope those with dks auditioning will continue to post here. I know how encouraging this group's wisdom and experience has been.

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Balletmom and jmh4...sending my most positive thoughts and prayers forward on your daughters' behalf! I cannot imagine the stress and anticipation. They are both so well trained and so obviously handling this European adventure mode of getting to their auditions in such admirable ways! I, as a mom, would be a complete basket case, and you two are going on as if it is de rigeur!

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DD was invited into the apprentice program by Dresden on Tuesday. This is a two part process, she has passed the first stage, now she has to submit a contemporary DVD to the Paccula School to see if they approve. DD has posted this on facebook so I am comfortable posting it.


For the next few days she will have a chance to breath, take ballet class, yoga and hopefully get to do some tourist things in London.


She received an email from ENB inviting her to audition next Friday, it will be followed by Ballet du Rhin (Saturday),Boston (Sunday) and Dutch National (Monday). Her last few days in Europe will be very very busy!


She has had an amazing trip so far and is very excited at the prospect of dancing in Europe! I think she will still do a couple of auditions in North America, but I think she is leaning towards Europe.

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Congratulations Balletmom311!

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Wonderful news balletmom311! Thanks for including us all in your dd's journey. Please keep us posted. I look forward to hearing about upcoming auditions.

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