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During her her time in London, DD has really enjoyed taking class with Roland Price at Pineapple Studios. She said he as a great sense of humour.


This morning was her audition with ENB, the class was taught by Wayne Eagling, Artisitc Director. DD felt it was not her best class, but she was invited back to take class again tomorrow. She is understandably very excited and we will take it as a good sign. I slept about three hours last night, so when she called at 5:15am I was already wide awake.


Fortunately, we had already decided to cancel her audition in Mulhouse, it was scheduled for tomorrow morning. Trying to get from London to Mulhouse to Amstersdam was proving to be difficult logistically. No one likes to fly on a Saturday night or very early on a Sunday morning in time for her to be able to fit it all in. She will now fly from London to Amsterdam for her Boston audition on Sunday morning. She got an email from Boston advising due to the number of dancers auditioning they will be holding three audition classes, hers is at 10:00am. Monday will be the Dutch National, Tuesday she flies back to North America and will have a couple of weeks to get ready for Swan Lake.

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So lots has happened in the last two days. DD did her second audition class with ENB yesterday. She felt it was a good class for her and met with the AD after. No job offer on the spot, but AD said they would be in touch and she got a good vibe. She feels this is a nice fit for her and is hopefull!


After class she flew to Amsterdam and met her friend at the theatre. She got to see the Dutch National's new Don Q. from back stage, which she said was spectacular! Sasha Radetsky was dancing the lead and he gave her his famous Centre Stage nod and smile. She told me she could feel herself blushing!


Boston audition this morning, about 60 dancers in her class, cuts made after tendue in the centre including DD, she said they only kept 8 or so dancers to finish the class. There where at least two more classes scheduled after hers.


DD was heading back to the theatre to see Don Q. again this afternoon. Her Dutich National Audition it tomorrow morning....

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Oh wow...thanks for the inside look at an incredible experience in Europe. Is it not wonderful to know that your child can operate on her own at such a distance? You must be beaming! And the Sasha R smile! Great story! An absolute whirlwind of activity, and please let us know how it all turns out for her.

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Also thanks for sharing even the less stellar audition experiences (not finishing the class at Boston). So often we hear only the great stuff and it's a good reminder that a dancer who might not be what this company wants could be precisely what another company wants!

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DD just called from Amsterdam after her audition class for the Dutch National. She was in the second audition class of the day, there where around 60 dancers in hers. The AD spoke to them at the end of class and told them that they had 600 applications, of that they invited 135 to audition, this included a few that would be taking company class to audition. The auditon class included a bit of everything including Pas de deux! DD said she had an excellent class was really happy with how she danced.


They did not keep a single dancer from the first class and they kept four girls and three boys from her class, DD was not one of them. Interestingly, this company has a minimum height for females of 165cm. DD is actually 164.5cm, the four girls they spoke to where all around her height maybe even a little shorter.


DD got to see Don Q. again yesterday and said this is a wonderful company and she would very much like to try again next year! She flies home tomorrow and then we wait to see if any of the three promising auditions she has done convert to a job!


We are much poorer financially after funding this trip, however DD has gained so much experience and confidence that it has been a very worthwhile investment.

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It sounds as if your dd has gained a lot of experience during this trip balletmom311. Thanks again for sharing all the ups and downs of the journey. Here's hoping something good is coming your dd's way soon!

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Waiting for the good, she just missed her plane from London to Canada, lol! She is on another one via a different route, I just can't believe it!

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I am very pleased with how she handled this last little fiasco. All I got was a text message explaining she had problems with her flight out of Amsterdam to London, so she missed the connection. The Air Canada employee who she said "was amazing" immediately rebooked her on a new flight via Calgary leaving an hour later no extra charges. We had talked about this possibility just because of the unrest with a couple of the European Airlines at the moment. I think that DD has now truly left the nest for good and I am happy and confident she will be able to take good care of herself!

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Balletmom311, your insights are quite helpful. Makes me greatful for a board like this! It sounds like your daughter had quite an amazing learning experience. Does she know if any dancers were offered contracts at the Boston Ballet audition in Amsterdam?

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Just catching up on all the BT threads,


JMH4 Congratulations!!!


BalletMom311, You must be so proud of your dd; it sounds like you have raised an independent, secure person! International Air Travel promises to get trickier with all the "unrest." Congratulations.

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I'm sorry for being off topic again but I really want to thank all those offering such support here - A million thanks to swanchat, balletand synchro, lsu, mydarlindancer, lovemydancer and others for their congrats and encouragement. It is so helpful to have others who understand the challenges and meaning of the life our kids have chosen.


Back on topic somewhat I don't think for most dk's a European audition tour is really much more daunting than an American/Canadian schedule. Planning is important but just like at home preparing for unexpected changes should be anticipated. For those considering it for next season it is possible to attend auditions in Europe earlier in the season and still attend auditions in the States.


Dd gained a lot of experience from a year training abroad. For those pondering trainee programs I would suggest investigating some of the European schools also. Some hold auditions in the Spring.

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Balletmom - a question for your DD if she would like to share. How did she stay prepared for classes while traveling so much? DS is headed off to Europe tomorrow. He only has one audition scheduled and it's at the end of his visit. (The other invitations came in too late for us to make schedule changes.) Anyway, while I wasn't happy about the travel arrangements, which was a much cheaper ticket but meant four days off before the audition, in retrospect it worked our really great since the northeast is going to get slammed by a winter storm - and he would've been stranded! Anyway, just curious what she might have done when missing a few days in a row of not dancing. I think he has a school he can attend on Monday, but that still leaves a lot of time not dancing.

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DD took class at Pineapple Studios in London and also at a similar studio in Paris. She did hot yoga when she found a studio, as well as floor barre and pilates in her hotel room. I will ask her for the name of the studio in Paris and post it later tonight, I do know that it was very close to POB. DD said the teacher was brilliant.


At the end of the month she is not in top performance condition, as far as stamina, but she was in good class condition. Her body actually is feeling really good as it has had a bit of a break by not having an intense rehearsal schedule for the past month. That of course all changed today, she started at 9:00am and will not finish until 6:00pm.


Best of luck to your Son for a successful audition experience!

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I remember when I ran (obsessively.) Sometimes taking several days off was great - the next run I took would be my best ever. Of course I hurt really badly the next day! So we'll see. I was curious about your DD's situation since she was gone so very long!

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