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November whines


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Ok so I have done this twice now-forgotten to order my Grishko pointe shoes in advance of the mad rush for shoes for either Nutcracker or spring performances---aaahh so stupid! The thing is I thought I had one good pair-and would order more once I started wearing that pair (had another pair that was not worn out yet)-but the pair I was waiting to wear was a new size I was trying, and turned out to be too wide (of course they felt ok when I tried them on, but when I danced in them--a little too wide). But luckily the third store that I called had my shoes and shipped them yesterday.


So, note to self--order pointe shoes 2 months in advance!!!


The other part of the problem is that there is no importing Grishko's quickly--I can't remember how long customs takes, but its at least a couple of weeks. So, I have to just keep calling stores until I find one with my size. I'd love to find an American shoe to wear and avoid this problem, since I live in USA, but I can't seem to do that.

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My whine is that the posterior tibialis tendonitis on my formerly broken ankle appears to be back. It's not involving the ankle, per se, but is in the calf. I'm not a happy camper. No strength lost, as yet. I groan but can still do what I need both on flat and on pointe.


I really can't remember what was done the last time. I know a shot was given, but do not recall any resting or anything. I iced the foot and leg, and am just going to take NSAID until I see the doc.


Ah well....age. Grrrr!!!!

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Serendipity, I feel for you. My knee was nearly good, I did not feel any pain while dancing the last week but this week it came back and I was really glad that I just had to teach classes and missed the classes would have had to dance myself.


But my major whine this month is, that I went to Milan just to see Zhakarova and Bolle in Giselle and the choreography was so incredibly boring that especially Bolle had to run across stage all the time and dance only the solo in the second act. I was waiting through the whole piece that they would finally start to move a bit more but the whole piece was standing around, walking or running across the stage and acting. At least the music was beautiful and the stage setting :rolleyes:

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Not really a whine, just "ballet withdrawal symptoms". It's so addictive!


I had to miss two of my four ballet classes this week, and yoga. My daughter wasn't feeling well (mainly just achy) due to the H1N1 vaccine she got on Tuesday and my husband's in Germany this week so he couldn't stay home with her. But not a total whine, dd was able to make it to my beg/int class on Tuesday for the her first class in about a year. And I won't whine about the H1N1 vaccine, just happy she could get it, and not the actual illness, after all her illlnesses (tonsillitis, strep throat twice, recurrence of mono, tonsillectomy, migraines, and a lot of colds) last year.

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Can't get on my box during turns.....I had pique turns DOWN when I left dance two years ago, and now I am a useless flopping fish. My turns, pirouettes, anything besides changement (sp?) is completely ridiculous.



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Well, good luck with healing from those injuries, Serendipity and Claude_Catastrophique. :thumbsup: I was never injured myself (yet), but since I'm studying to become a PT I'll be confronted with them a lot in my life later I suppose..

My whine is that the substitute of my usual teacher is teaching her last class to us on Monday. Not to say anything bad of my regular teacher, she's great and I learned a huge lot of her, but I just loved the sub's style of teaching us.. Only her music bothered me sometimes, hehe.

And I got my new pointe shoes today, my other pair just wasn't right, and the sub showed me that. (She has some actual performing experience, whereas my regular teacher doesn't really, and knows all of the tricks about pointe shoes.) So now I wanted to show my new ones (Grishko 2007, by the way) to her, before the regular one returns.

I have class on Monday, will report on how it goes with the new shoes. :rolleyes:

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I miss dancing! Still waiting on the house to close, and budgeting expenses after, to see about class. Man, after I finally was able to dance after such a long recovery!

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My main whine is that I don't know why I seem to be so erratic in my ability to do class. I suppose it's down to whether I'm tired or not, but sometimes my feet and ankles just won't hold me and other days they feel stronger. Yes, I know I'm basically past it, but I'm clinging on for dear life, because I so love taking classes still. Last wednesday, I could hardly manage single pirouettes and today I did doubles easily, even controlling the finish, and I balanced the adage and felt light in the jumps. I suppose I should be thankful for small mercies that, at my great age, sometimes the strength is still there, even if it's not for every class.

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I'd like to know how to go about not offending the actually talented and accomplished dancers in my pre-professional program for having to take ballet class with me. Frankly, justifiably, and as has been made evident by my not even being allowed to understudy any of the four of the ballets thus far set on our program, I can only imagine the disgust they must feel from having to be in "the same level" as myself. I absorb corrections, work on my own, and perform outside study on technique and such, yet I'm obviously the physical manifestation of the antithesis to ballet as an art form. Though they are all nice to me, I worry that my mere presence in the same class must anger and frustrate them...

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I don't know what's going on with my body. I had a sore arm after falling while running last week (ok, I know why my arm hurt). Bothered me a little in class last night so I left after barre. Had a couple of minor twinges last night in my ankles for some strange reason. My left heel/ankle was a little sore when I went running this morning so walked part of it. Then, tonight in class my left leg does this major muscle/nerve twinge. Happened several times during class when I was on my left leg so I quit after barre. It's a little tiny bit achy/sore around the top of my thigh up through the butt area. Have NO idea what it could be so can't even post a question on the health/nutrition side! Seems it might be associated with the turn out muscles as it seemed to happen the first time when I was focusing on turn out. Don't know whether to ice or use heat so I'm doing the chocolate treatment (husband brought back chocolate from his Germany trip).


I have yoga and my easiest ballet class tomorrow so I'll see how it goes.

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Chronus and Gimpydancer, I just poured myself a glass of wine and want to send some to you...................... Gimpy, do you run often? And Chronus -- you're in that program for a reason -- sending you lots of strength to keep on working hard.

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Oooh, thanks ami for the wine! :unsure:


I usually run three miles three times a week. Been running WAY longer than dancing (over thirty years, yikes!).

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Chronus-you may feel that you are lacking in the ballet talent department, but you must have some type of ability to dance or they would not have let you into that program. Even though you feel like you shouldn't be there, you still are there, and anyone in a pre-professional program is LIVING MY DREAM. So, I hope you can find something to enjoy about it, because you have an opportunity that many of us would die for. My parents did not support my trying to dance professionally, so I didn't; they wanted me in a more financially secure field. There is not a day that goes by though that I would not rather be dancing even though I have a rewarding though stressful career. Dance is fun, my career pays the bills. If I had the chance tomorrow to go dance professionally---I would do it in a heart beat. You never know where this pre-pro program may lead you....you may meet an AD whose company is perfect for you. Don't let self-criticism ruin your love and enjoyment of dance. Just because you have not been cast as understudy does not mean you are a terrible dancer-these roles may just have been not 'right for you' and if it is visiting choreographers setting them, they don't know your true strengths. Anyway I hope you are able to enjoy your classes some and remember you are living the dream of many of the people on the adult ballet buddy board!!!!!!!

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time for some Beaujolais!


Last week a teacher kept telling me to dance slower, I like to dance in time to the music, but teacher kept insisting I dance slower. There were less proficient students behind me, I know they have difficulty keeping up sometimes.


I guess I should be happy for the attention.

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Well, I might have been a bit on the melodramatic side in my earlier post...and don't get me wrong, I still wake up every morning excited for ballet class and all, it just seems like while I KNOW I have a modicum of talent and ability, and have improved to some significant degree, the "powers that be" never see it and still have the same opinion of me as this time last year...well, it's still the best training I can get presently and I don't at all have my eyes set on the company, so I should just take it all in perspective, use my time wisely to continue to improve, and (hopefully) move on and get a (company) job this next season.


Oh, and the whole worrying that my peers are insulted by having to take class with me stems from the fact that most of the "really good ones" are not from the US (Japan, rather), and while they could very well be corps or even soloists in most companies, it is the difficulty in acquiring a work visa that holds them back, in which I can only imagine their frustration...

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