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Cruise line audition

panda bear 16

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My lyrical teacher has asked me to attend the Vancouver audition for Carnival Cruise Lines. What should I expect to do in this audition? What do I wear / bring with me? I know what I need for a ballet audition but will this be ballet based? There is a large group from the studio going as the lyrical teacher / AD selects her strongest senior students to go every year, this is the first year I have been eligable because of my late b-day.

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The only information I could find said to dress in tight-fitting dance clothing. My hunch would be to bring ballet/pointe/jazz/character shoes with you. That way, you'd be covered no matter what.

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This response is a little late, but it might help others in the future. I've done a fair share of cruise ship/theme park auditions. Although they want someone with strong ballet technique (and they love if you do pointe) don't expect this to be part of the audition.


You will usually go into the studio in a large group and learn a cheesy fun jazz routine. There are always pirouettes, battements, and leaps, maybe a switch leap if you have it. They usually give an opportunity to show any tumbling skills. Sometimes they'll make a cut and teach a more advanced combination.


Wear full-length tights that match your shoes. Bring jazz and/or character heels. If you have black tights I would wear them on the outside of your leotard (unless they're fishnets). Wear tan under. This creates a longer looking line. If you've taken any voice lessons, bring sheet music because a dancer who can sing is more marketable.


Yes, they're looking for technique but they want someone who can pick up the combinations quickly and who is a performer.


Hope this helps!

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