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Feedback in class?


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DD has mentioned several times lately that one of her ballet instructors (she has more than one teacher, taking 6+ classes a week) never gives her any feedback, positive or negative. Her other instructors (including the director) give her feedback during her other classes and she is very good about taking and using corrections (considers corrections as good as a positive comment). At this point, DD is still attending this instructor's class regularly and doing her best, but I can see that she is becoming concerned on the days she takes this class because she feels that the lack of attention to her is not the norm (she compliments and corrects almost all the others). DD feels that she needs to just "get through the class" because maybe the teacher is trying to show her that that is "real life" for dancers, and that they do not always get attention.


I'm wondering if I should ask the teacher how DD is doing (just to see what comment I get) or just stay out of this, as I do most everything else in her training (besides pay the bills--LOL) :innocent: ? The school does not always offer the parents an opportunity to get feedback from each instructor, so I do not know directly how this teacher feels DD is doing.

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I would recommend just setting up a meeting with the teacher to touch base and see how things are going with your DD. If possible, it would be nice to include your DD in the conference (if the teacher permits it) so that she gets feedback directly. I think most schools/teachers welcome this kind of direct communication.

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