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Teaching: I want to be a balletteacher


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I hope this is the right place for this subject, if not, feel free to move!


Like you all may know, I am teaching since about a year in my school the classes for teens and adults, because my teacher had a surgery and complications and no the 6-8 weeks I should have run the school for her is now coming close to one year.


I really enjoy working with the students there and they obviously seem to like my classes (at least no one left the school and I gained some new students). I had to give up the dream of becoming a professional dancer and I never could imagine to become a balletteacher but now this is more and more an option for me. I studied law and I know that I do not want to work fully on that job, I need something creative to do besides law.


Now I was looking around for an education for teachers and it is really difficult to find something. I have found two options which would be realistic for me and which I could pay. My main problem is, that I do not have done a professional school and I have no certification or exams (like RAD or so) but I can look back on 20 years experience in classical ballet, some modern and some other dance styles. Therefore I had to find something where people are taken without a professional training and where people in my age (24) are taken.


However, I found two options, as I said before and now I have no idea how I should decided (or if I should do it at all) and I hope that someone here could help me a bit. I still need to talk to my teacher(s) about it (they know me the best so I will for sure ask the for adivce).


I have written to one of them and described my situation and they would take me (I mean, just from my experience and what I have done yet it would be possible to attend the course). The second one is the teacher training from the Scala in Milan and I have not yet written them, I wanted to wait for the answer of the other course. I cannot judge if this is good at all so I hope that one here on this board might no it and tell me if I should try it at all. They do take people without a professional career in ballet but if there are too many people who want to take the course, the pros get their places first. I have no idea how many people want to do it so I have no idea if I had a chance to get in (nationality is not a problem, I am italian).


I am also open to other teacher training programms, best would be Europe (Switzerland, France, Italy or Germany) and around two years long. Any suggestions are most welcome!


I do not want to give any details out here in public (for pivacy reason and I do not want to call out any of the training programms or so) so I would be thankful if we could handle it mostly via PM. If you need more information about my ballet background, I would write it here, if necessary.


So, it would be great if someone who has experience with this could help me and I could write them a PM! Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi Thom! That does not really matter...I mean, it does matter but more in a sense of money (how much I have to work before and then I can start :D Therefore I have some concerns about my age). I would prefer part time tough. Option one is mostly at weekends and a lot of home study and they told me that it is possible to work on another job during the two years the course takes place and the one from the Scala is two days per week so that would be part time too. I do not have a problem to move to another city and work and live there, I enjoy going abroad a lot.


If there would be a nice full time training, I would not say "no" (depending on money etc.).

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I admire your determination Claude. Since you are Italian, what about the program in Rome?

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Thank you for your reply! I did not know that there exists a program in Rome...is that from the "Balletto di Roma"? I stumbled across their link but the site does not work for me since a couple of days. Do you know this programm? Is it good?


Tomorrow I hope I have time to catch my teacher and talk with her about it and see what she will say. In the meantime I'll write the Scala and hope that they write back!

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Oh, I forgot to ask this: I guess I am having a language/translation problem: What does "classical-academic studies" mean? I am a bit confused by the "academic" (it's written in the paper together with school, institution or dance center) so I am a bit confused what it means. I would be thankful if someone could explain. Does it mean, that it is just plain classical ballet or does it has to do something with an university degree (but that would be a bit strange in connection with school or dance center...)?

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That is a little confusing. In the language of education, also known as "pedaguese" or "eduspeak", "classical education" means a curriculum of study based on grammar, logic, rhetoric, astronomy, mathematics, and music. Whether it means that here is determined by context. I agree that it doesn't sound like a dance school's curriculum.

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That is a little confusing. In the language of education, also known as "pedaguese" or "eduspeak", "classical education" means a curriculum of study based on grammar, logic, rhetoric, astronomy, mathematics, and music. Whether it means that here is determined by context. I agree that it doesn't sound like a dance school's curriculum.


That was my interpretation of it too but I guess they mean something different here :-) They translated it from Italian to English and I am trying to translate it into German and figure out what they mean. Anyway, I sent an e-mail to the director and I hope that she can tell me what they mean.

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Having looked at the website before recommending the program, I was not able to find a link to the teacher's program however I do know quite a few Italian teachers who have received this diploma, based upon the Vaganova program of study, from the Academy in Rome. I have read the website in Italian as well as English. I believe the discussion of Classical training is a direct translation and admittedly is confusing. In Italian the study of ballet is danza classica. I believe they are saying one would study ballet and academic requirements in the Academy (for school age children only). The Italian schooling system is quite different from that in the US, although I think it may be similar to the German and Russian for that matter. Milan did not offer this course years ago. Perhaps, since it is a goverrnmental diploma, the course of study has moved it to Milan. I do not know. I left Italy many years ago. Let us know what you find.

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Sure I will let you know! :) Do you think that the diploma those people who you described is something good?


The Scala has not yet written back (no wonder, I sent my E-Mail away friday afternoon and their office closes at 5 pm so I guess they write back during the next week. At least, I hope so....not that my E-Mail went directly to the spam file).


I have talked to my teacher now and she thinks that it would be a lovely idea. We will go out for dinner together sometime and talk a bit longer about it (she had to leave and I had to teach :) ). She knows the lady from option 1 and she has taken some seminars they offer and attended their SI some years ago and she is convinced that this would be really good to do. Unfortunately she does not know the Scala and therefore I am still looking for some more information about that one.

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Claude, any and all established teacher's courses based on a proven method of teaching are only as good as the teacher and the student's receiving the information. The teacher's course in Rome did have quite large following in Italy for many years. Check it out.


There are teacher's courses associated with Canada's National Ballet School and the Royal Winnepeg Ballet as well. I may be incorrect, but I believe they are both Cecchetti based programs.

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Claude, any and all established teacher's courses based on a proven method of teaching are only as good as the teacher and the student's receiving the information.


I had to smile when I read this part because these are exactly the same words my teacher said to me. :-) I'll definitly check those out (someone sent me a PM from a good programm to compare it with the two I have and I think that's a lovely idea).


I wanted to add that option 1 is Vaganova and the Scala would be Cechetti, I guess.

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Hi Claude,


Just wondering if you have had a look at the distance learning programmes at the RAD? They have the CBTS (Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies) and also the BADE (BA in Dance Education), which leads to their Registered Teacher Status.


If you are able to travel to and stay in London in the UK, they also have the BA in Ballet Education which is a 3-year full time on site program.


I am on a program at the RAD so I know a bit about how everything works. Feel free to reply here or PM me with any questions you have with the programs! :o



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Oh, I hope you enjoy the program!


I decided against England because I studied law and I would like to work with law (whatever I'll find) in the country I go to. The problem is, that I am not familiar with UK law. I had some insights at University with German law and Italian law and therefore I prefer to go to a country I know a bit their system.


However, the program you suggested sound great! I have sent you a message.


The Scala has no yet written back, although it says, that their office is open. Would you write a second time? I really do not want to impolite or intrusive. I thought I would wait this week and if I do not get an answer I write them again....

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I wanted to suggest England, but I think this has just become redundant. But if you want to study fulltime, you might want to look into the Palucca School (they only take students every other year for dance ed).

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