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I have been teaching for many years, and have had my six year old in creative movement classes for the last few years. I recently changed jobs and moved my daughter to the new school. I am curious as to what other parents of young students are paying these days for costumes and recital fees? This is not to start any type of debate, if you could just share the price range of costume fees(perhaps you have a very young child who wears children's sizes and another who is in the adult size range) and if your school charges a recital fee, what that fee is?


Thank you.

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At DD's studio there are no costume fees - costumes are borrowed, not purchased (dancers provide their own shoes, tights, leotards, etc.). Performance fees range from about $70-$200 depending on casting. Youngest dancers with just one small part would pay the least.

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DD is 12 and at her studio it depends on whether it is the Nutcracker or the year-end performance. DD would now be considered in the adult sizes. For the Nutcracker, they pay a fee of $60 per role. This covers the cost of the costumes which are basically rented from the studio, the costume cleaning, etc.


For the year-end performance, the kids pay for the costumes (and get to keep them) if they are younger and in basically only one part. We've paid anywhere from $60-$120. Once they start to have more than one part, they rent the costumes (again from the studio) and the cost can range from $25-$45 per role. It does depend on the costume that is being rented, though, and I am sure the rental is higher for some of the more elaborate costumes. Since the older girls have so many parts in the performance, it is a kind consideration to the parents that they can rent the costumes. Otherwise, parents wouldn't be able to afford for their kids to be in the performance with the cost of tickets, etc.

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We just paid a $140 participation fee for Nutcracker. This includes a DVD (a good part of the expense sa it is filmed by a professional documentary maker) and a T-shirt. Costumes are also borrowed. The show is produced by a non-profit organization affiliated with the school.


For the spring recital, this past year everyone paid $25 to participate and another $5 for "costumes." Costumes were the class leotard with a small addition.... mostly headpieces which were handmade by volunteers.


The previous year, there were actual costumes for all in the ballet program. I am not sure about the oldest teens, but everyone else, toddlers on up, paid $75 for the costume.


Ticket prices both years were either $5 or $10. I can't recall.


That said, at the previous studio dd attended (not a ballet school), costumes were typically about $85. Same price for everyone. There was no additional participation fee, but ticket prices for the recital ran $20 and up.

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We paid $135 for Nutcracker costume (loaned from company) for party scene. The price for Angel is $85. DD is also a gingerbaby, but there is no charge for this costume, for some reason. Perhaps because once they make Ginger they are considered an (unpaid) member of the company.


The end of year demo, and the end of SI summer demo, do not have any costume fees, as the dancers just wear their leos.

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DD is in Nutcracker party scene, soldier, pierrot, and arabian (scarf girl?) and fee is $160. Two other performances Sleeping Beauty in spring and the fall contemporary performance have a fee of $125. This seems in line with what other posters are paying.


After the home studio 5-week summer intensive there is a performance usually requiring some costuming and accessorizing, about $30.

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My daughter has been dancing at the same studio for 9 years. For recital preschoolers pay 55$ per costume everyone else pays 65$ per constume which they keep. This year they just added a performance fee of 35$ per family in addition to constume fees to help cover the cost of the venue it also includes a recital DVD

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At dd's large pre-pro school, I believe Nutcracker was $110 and included a costume (borrowed), t shirt, new shoes, and one pair of tights. For those in additional roles, there is a small fee added.


For recital, the fee is $80 for the youngest kids (who only get 1 costume) or $160 for most dancers, who receive 2 costumes. The kids keep the recital costumes, but not the Nutcracker costumes. The recital fee does not include tickets, and those usually end up costing me quite a bit.

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Sewlinda reminded me that we also have a performance fee for the end of the year performance of $80 in addition to the costume fees. This does include two tickets which usually run ~$30 each for adults.

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Let's see -- for school, we have paid $60 for spring performance costumes, which then belong to us. Some of the upper levels have used tutus which belong to the ballet school or company. They pay the same amount. In addition, performances there or along the way may require wrap skirts, biker shorts, charecter or flamenco skirts on our own dime. We did get our parent committee to donate enough money for the school to purchase a few charecter and flamenco skirts, in anticipation of family budget crunches.


For "regular" ballet -- Nutcracker costumes belong to the company, and have no fees. We do have to buy the particular shoes and tights they want, which are not those regularly worn in class by my children. For spring performance, I *think* it was also $60, but it may have been a little more. The costumes are reworked from old company or school costumes, for the most part. DVDs and tickets are separate costs.

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My girls are four. Their school has an annual recital/showcase and a few small performances at shopping malls, craft fairs etc throughout the year. All are optional. For the recital, their teacher brought a couple of costume catalogues and asked the Moms to choose one. It ended up costing around $40 each. There were no recital fees and photos, DVDs ($25) and tickets ($20ish) were optional. For their first small performance they were asked to wear any ballet costume they had at home and for the next one in December they are to wear a party dress. I believe it's a similar arrangement until they are around 8 or 9 when the roles become more specific.

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for "Recital":

- Performance Fee: $50 1st student; $25 each additional student in family

- Costumes for all ballet and modern classes are $45 each class. The costume fee for Jazz/Tap is $80 and this fee includes two costumes. Some custom designed costumes such as handmade tutus are the property of [the studio]. After the

performance concludes purchased costumes are the property of the student.

- Tickets are free.


for Peformance Ensembles (Nutcracker, other rep...):

$157 - $225 - $270 per term [3 levels] includes all rehearsal time, costumes, everything...tickets are free.

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