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Pulling the Leg in When Completing à La Seconde Turns


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Hi Everyone,


My teacher has started to want me to finish my à la seconde turns with the leg pulled in and once it is pulled in complete a double or triple. The problem I have been having with this though is that I feel like a wobbly top as soon as I pull it in. I've tried playing around with my positioning and my momentum during the turn when I pull in, but have not been successful with fixing this. Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance!

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Yep-that's the way most turns in second have to end. A lot of guys have difficulty with that part. If I can only channel Muriel Stuart, this may help: Bring the foot which is in à la seconde SMARTLY to retiré, at the same time bringing the entire body STRAIGHT UP, without leaning forward, or hunching the shoulders.

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Thanks Mr. Johnson for the advice!


Tonight at class I utilized your advice about lifting up while pulling in and was a able to complete a triple at the end of the a la seconde turns. They aren't perfect yet, but I am still happy with the quick progress. Thanks again.

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Hi BalletMac -


Just saw your post - one thing that has helped me with this sort of problem is using a 'neoprene-belt' around my waist. (I found it at my local Walgreens drug store in the 'As-seen-on-TV' section - its called a 'belly-buster', and is simply a strechty neoprene with velcro that you place around your waist when exercising to help burn belly fat)


I don't want to sound like a commerical for this thing, but what it has helped me do is strengthen my core during tours and pirouettes, and, as Mr. Johnson has said, it helps me focus on lifitng up - I am not sure why, but my turns are much improved since I started using this during class.


just a suggestion but I hope it helps!


PS - if anyone has thoughts on the use of this type of 'waist belt', please contirbute - I am very interested in learning if this is really helping or if by using it I am learing some bad habits. . . .

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It's like a mover's waistbelt or an old-fashioned artilleryman's harness called a bricole. It not only supports you in front, it supports your back, and can give you aid in keeping your lumbar vertebrae from caving in.

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I practiced turns today after between class and before rehearsals, my lower leg felt 3 times heavier from cent. force. It worked!

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Excellent! That's often how the sense of connectedness to the floor feels. Some people try to turn in empty air, even with one foot supporting, and it just doesn't work!

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The following information was sent to me by one of our female teachers who cannot post here, so I am posting it for her.


"Try to take a breath in while uplifting through your spine as you pull that working leg in to retire - but keep those shoulders down. Just like the end of a balance at the barre - and the very end of your turn as you are working to finish "up" - you want that create that secondary lift that is going to allow you to appear to hang and grow. That same technique will effectively allow you to re-center yourself on the supporting leg for your finishing double, triple, or quad turn in retire, and once done again at the completion of those rotations it will allow you to finish the turn "up" - think Angel Correla, Ethan Stiefel, or Vladmir Malakhov in everyone's favorite Le Corsaire recording."

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I tried that in Class Yesterday, Ms. Leigh. Even the Company director made a comment. Thanks!

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Hello fellow dancers, I completely understand the whole double or triple after la seconds turns problem. I have the same issue! Something to try could be really squeezing your abdominal core. That’s my trick.

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