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I attended an open house yesterday that was given at my studio. I was not performing, and the teacher requested that I sit next to her during the performance. The youngest students went through a variation of barre exercises, then they did some center and across the floor exercises. Then the older students (teen and adult) did the same thing. Finally there was a small dance sequence. It was all very interesting and nice for the parents. But what I really appreciated was seeing the barre exercises and the center and across the floor exercises, from the teachers spot in the room. I never realized what a different view she has! There are times during a correction that I feel she just can't see what I'm doing - and she doesn't realize that my back IS straight, that my bum ISN'T sticking out, that I am turned out. Hmm...WRONG..she can see everything! ****sigh*** I guess I'll just have to listen more intently now and make these corrections when I get them!


I will have to clarify that my teacher is 83 years young and doesn't move around much during the class. This is the primary reason I always felt she just couldn't see what I was really doing. WRONG. :blink:


If any of you are injured and are sitting out during a class, try, if possible, sitting where your teacher usually stands or perches, it might enlighten you too.

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I have a teacher also eighty years young. He is the hardest teacher I've ever had. I don't get to have classes with him on a regular basis anymore but he can always find something to correct!! That is neat about sitting with your teacher, though, and seeing that you are visible even though you thought you weren't!!

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It's really hard to hide in a room full of mirrors.


:) Yes!! And, sometimes those mirrors are strategically placed, so as to enable the teacher to really see everything, all the time. :wink:




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