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No Hyperextension!!!


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Hyperextension creates the most beautiful lines I have ever seen. The problem is, I do not have it and I wish I did. Is there anyway to achieve it even if you were not born with flexible knee joints?

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njbdancer, I moved your post because this is really not a nutrition or health question, and our medical moderators are very busy right now. We can handle this one here on YD. :angry:


You cannot create hyperextension. It is either there or it isn't, because it is a structural thing. And, while it does create a very nice line, if the feet are good too, it can also be very hard to work with and to learn to control when not in an extension. It is not an essential in becoming a dancer.

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Hi! I have hypo-extended legs and my teacher recommands me to do this stretch so that my legs would look straighter.

Flex both feet using your hands (have to flex it to the maximum so that the feet lift off the ground to make it seem like a hyperextension) and bend down to touch your knees.


Kneel down (don't sit) and extend one leg in front of you and flex it hard again, then bend down.


If you have a normal straight leg, I think it prob will not work for you, but I think it will still help to create a nice line. (:

But for those with hypo extended legs like me, it works wonders. (:

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HypERextension is a skeletal formation. As Ms Leigh says, either it's there, or it's not. It may look good to you, but believe me, it can lead to a lot of little technical problems, all of which can be fixed, but asking for hyperextension is like asking for a hernia transplant.


HypOextension can be either "hard", which is skeletal, or "soft" which is just ligaments and tendons. The latter can be corrected in class.

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