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L' Allegro

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If the Artistic Director/teacher said he/she doesn't mind, and you're a soloist, is it alright to wear a ring (just a small silver ring) in performance? Or would it be bad form anyway? What about class?



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Jewelry, other than that which is considered part of the costume, which would include earrings and rings, is not appropriate for stage. Small stud type earrings are frequently used for classical ballets, but all dancers wearing the same costumes have to wear the same earrings. So they are considered part of the costume. I have not had to wear any rings, and personal rings are not supposed to be worn on stage.


As for class, rings should not be a problem as long as they are conservative and not dangerous if they come in contact with another dancer! Earrings and other jewelry can be worn at the discretion of the teacher or the school policy. Personally, I like earrings, as long as they are not big or long or heavy, and do allow them in my classes. But, some teacher will not allow any jewelry at all.

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Thank you! Another question- I don't have pierced ears, and I don't own any small stud type earrings. However, everyone else is wearing them for the corps. I'm literally the only person who doesn't have pierced ears. Do I have to worry about it? Should I consider pierced ears- even though I don't want them?

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Just use some eyelash adhesive and glue 1 rhinestone on each lobe.

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