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I am currently dancing in two different places, my college and another studio. My teacher in my college told us that echappe should be wider in jumps compared to pointe and we should save the more "contained echappes" for pointe. And when I was a kid, I was also told not to echappe too wide when on pointe because it could be too much a strain for the pelvis. I was taught to use the angle of my demi plie in fifth as a "guide" as the angle between our legs should be generally the same in fifth demi plie and in second position. But the other teacher in the other studio always tells us that echappe on pointe should be as wide as possible. Which one is right?

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They can both be right, Bunnie. It's a matter of style. While most methods will keep it relatively small, there is no law against making it bigger, and the Balanchine style prefers that, I believe. It can also be a choreographic choice. I really don't think that making it too wide is going to hurt the pelvis, but it can be very hard for someone who does not have great rotation and good feet, as they will probably not get over the shoes if it is too wide.

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Ha! Both of them are right! And a wide echappe on pointe won't hurt my pelvis~ Now I guess I can start doing echappes the way they want it to be and not being yelled at~ YAY! Thanks, Ms. Leigh!

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