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December delights


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Hi everyone, I decided I'd be the one to start the thread this month :) I don't really have any delights to add myself today, but hopefully I'll be back...Hope everyone has a good dancing December! (and I do apologise for the excessive use of alliteration :thumbsup: )

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I'll put one in.... a local school has decided to add SUNDAY ballet classes after Christmas. YAY!!

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That sounds great!


My delight is a leftover from November but it is still dancing around in my mind. I saw the "Goldbergvariations" in the Opera Sunday and it was beautiful. I am still filled with that lovely music, the great choreography and all the nice colours the unitards the dancers were wearing. Brings a nit of live in this dark 1st december weather we have here. The Pianist, Alexey Botvinov inspired me for my own interpretation of the music and I just ordred his CD.


The dancers and the choreography were very inspiring too...I feel like I want to go and watch it again!

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One of my studios added another class on Monday nights, so last night was the first meeting. It's an advanced beginner class which is a much slower pace than I'm used to, but was a wonderful opportunity to work on technique and really concentrate on every little thing. The teacher is a dancer with the company and is a beautiful dancer and a really good instructor. She took the time to break down some steps for the beginners and created more advanced combinations for me and another student. Afterwards in the dressing room, I thanked her for class and told her that since I can't get to classes during the day, I try to take advantage of every opportunity for an evening/weekend class - every time in the studio is a chance to work at improving! She told me I have great technique and she appreciated me working so hard and setting an example for others. :thumbsup:


I'm also looking forward to this weekend and the beginning of Nutcracker madness! Friday night I'm going to see a performance at the college where I work (which has a top-tier conservatory program), Saturday night I'm going to see the production by the company where I take classes (and several of my friends are performing), and Saturday and Sunday my own tech week starts!

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My December delight is that my studio is doing a few dances from the Nutcracker in shop windows for my towns Santa walk. People will be walking by and see us dance in the windows.

I will be the Sugar Plum Fairy, which is what I REALLY wanted to be.


By the way, I'm new here so nice to be here with you all!

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Not sure if this should go in here or in the depression category. There was a mix-up and we had no teacher for tonight's class. So....*I* taught! LOL! Thank heavens I carry an emergency CD and a written out, set barre I made myself that's fully adaptable to levels.


The folk in the class SAID they liked it. :-)


Tutu Girl - that is really cool! Make sure you get someone to do a video of you. Personally, I would LOVE to see what it looks like!!

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Reebs - that's great! Well done :) Enjoy the performances!


Tutu Girl - Welcome. Congratulations on being the Sugar Plum Fairy - that's a lovely part! :thumbsup: I hope you have fun.


Serendipity - Yay about the Sunday classes. And well done on taking that class unexpectedly - you're very brave :thumbsup:


Claude - I'm glad the music and choreography was inspiring and warming in the cold.



My "delight" is that I finally managed some pretty decent double pirouettes consistently whilst practicing yesterday. My depression was it didn't last into class last night :thumbsup: But still, I can do it!

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hello everyone! I'm new here :thumbsup:

my december delight is simply a rekindling in my desire to take dance again (and the anticipation of when I'll get to start!)

I took my first ballet class last jan/feb and I loved it but then unexpected financial woes showed up and I couldn't sign up for the next session.

but this jan/feb I'll get to start again! I'm also taking a musical theater dance class starting in the spring at my college and I'm excited about that as well.

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:) Welcome Lyndee! You can also introduce yourself in the welcome forum. That's great you'll be picking ballet up again! I bet the musical theatre class will be lots of fun!!


:thumbsup: Welcome also to tutugirl! Please also introduce yourself in the welcome forum if you haven't already done so. Dancing in the store windows sounds fun!! That is awesome you get to be sugarplum--that is one of my dreams!


My Dec. delight-- decent extension last night-front/side/back all above 90 degrees. I am also excited to be dancing in snow in Nutcracker!! I have done snow before but I am still excited and really love some of the choreography and the music in snow.:thumbsup: Not ballet related but I have finals next week, then out for the holidays!! Can't wait! :thumbsup:

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Very humble in comparison to all the Nutcracker successes here - but my assembles actually feel clean and correct now, as opposed to my usual 'shuffle and mid-air seizure' affair.

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Congratulations everybody on your achievements!


My personal delight is that one of my teachers said I can join the next level classes, if I want to :-) It made my heart sing with joy, as this means I am improving!!!

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I'll second the congratulations and welcome to the newbies!


Yesterday in class I did several clean double piqué turns en pointe. My pirouettes weren't so hot, but the piqués made up for it. I'm getting much more comfortable at turning, and thus enjoy them much more!

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I found there is more to staging a Nutcracker then just the dancing/acting/Mime on-stage. I helped the Director and a squad of Fathers/Uncles/cousins hang drops and curtains, bolt together larger props and mark spots on the floor with glow-in-the-dark tape so move-able props like christmas trees and gigantic toys can be moved and placed in low light conditions. The Dance Mistress was back stage with the female counterparts getting costumes ready, tagged and placed. As my part was created for scratch she is custom making a butlers outfit for me. Rolling up a 30 x 60 foot back-drop (snow scene) and snaking it up a complex of stairs and cat-walks with 8 other men was a unique experience.

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I took my first whole class in almost a year, my first class at all in 2 months yesterday morning. I was given a few corrections, mostly because it was pre coffee & I was on autopilot. I did have a bizarre sensation of the floor being uneven during the adagio, though. It felt better than it looked, I'm sure, but it was fun. Hope to do the same next week and then up it after the holidays to 2 days of ballet, 3 hrs of modern, and 3 hrs Pilates per week at school, to supplement my home/gym mat work.

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