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December delights


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"Jim, it had to do with thinking that they are two battements rather than just straight leaps. I was kicking up my front leg but not the back. This time I attempted the back as well and wow! what a difference!"


Yes, people have been telling me that for years, still can't do it though....


But I'll try, try, and try again! (and again) (at least then I'll be doing them in my imagination).



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missvjc -- I'm late to this party, but so happy to hear you're back in the studio! :thumbsup:

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A lovely compliment from TWO of my ballet teachers (who do not even know each other): both commented that the line of my legs has improved and looks beautiful. Considering the journey I've been on with my size, et. al. and of course, I don't see it much, these two INDEPENDENT opinions (two different schools, two different teachers who see me on somewhat of a regular basis) really does my heart good!




I wonder if it's because I've increased pointe work so much. I'm doing about 6 hours of my classes en pointe now each week.

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That's great Serendipity! From what you've said in some posts, I'd really love to hear your "story" (your journey with injury, with fitness etc) - it sounds inspiring. Would you be willing to share that with us? Or maybe PM me about it? If that's too much to ask, don't worry.

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After a horrible class (read in the whine couch) I had a lovely class tonight with my students and they did great: They had no classes with me for two weeks, the first time I was sick and the second time I had to cancel the class because everyone was out for christmas dinner with school or other people but they still got the exercises, did them very good and even the Swanlake choreo I am doing with them was still there and today we put it together. Of course it was horrible but they did much better than I expected (I thought I had to start on zero with them) after this long break.


My hope and my motivation are back now :cool2:

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Had a blast tonight in the pointe class. Instead of a regular class, we all had to choreograph to the "12 Days of Christmas." In pairs or alone, (making 12 groups/people), we each had an "item" from the list to try to come up with a movement for. Then we all sang and danced our movements in turn. She made it so that no two movements were in the same part of the room.


After we did it once, we had to teach it to the rest of the class. Then we sang it again. On the first go-round, we each did our part solo, then on the repetitions, everyone had to do it. That means we all had to do the "partridge" part 11 times and didn't get to do the 12 drummers drumming at all. It was a riot!


Even though I'm the only adult, the kids see me as one of them, so participating was easy and not at all embarrassing. :-)


Rather than put in a new post:


Yesterday I had a semi-private lesson with my favorite ballet teacher. Planned to be semi-private, in a studio I'd never been in before. She gave the two of us a pirouette combination - balance, single, double, triple. I'm not known for even getting doubles most of the time, but this time I actually TURNED THE TRIPLE!!!! And was on balance and it looked good. She cheered! :-)


I'm so pleased. All I did differently was to make the determination BEFORE getting to the triple that I was going to go for it. Left, well, we'll not talk about that but now that I know I can do it, I'm going to keep trying. :-)

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