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Wow...reading this brings me back to last year and the absolute craziness AD (acting daughter in this case :) ) went through! After returning home from a prepro school and trying to fit into traditional highschool, AD attempted to get everything done in one year. She took her SAT's (twice) with great results, applied to several colleges with very good results but became too overwhelmed with the idea of moving away again. It was a hectic year to say the least. In the midst of the chaos AD sat us down and said she didn't want to go away for school at this time...she had been away and knew what it was like. She was more than happy to stick around at home and attend a JC with a fantastic drama department. So here we are after 1 full semester and happy that AD knew what was best for her. She took 19 units (all UC Transferable) and it cost me a fraction of what it would have cost her to go away. She is a full member of the drama department and has auditioned and been a part of several productions. Her grades are what one would expect from that A type personality we are all so familiar with and she has just signed up for next semesters classes with another 19 units! She plans on transferring after next year. She doesn't know where yet but somewhere where they have a good performing arts program.

I was extremely suprised and thrilled when she came to me and told me she was asked to be a part of a foundation that contributes to our local childrens hospital. She was asked to perform in their Christmas production and readily accepted. To my suprise, I found her rummaging through her closet digging out dance clothes and suprise suprise..her pointe shoes! Seems my acting daughter will be performing en pointe in this show! I was worried about her feet since it has been a while but she reassured me that her feet were fine and while she was a bit stiff, she had never completely given up her ballet. :) She periodically puts on her pointe shoes and practices in the privacy of her room and has continued to keep her body in shape. She has even mentioned since rehearsing that maybe taking some classes might be a good idea...just to keep herself in tip top shape. She said her dance training has definetely given her an edge in several auditions.

I love watching my beautiful daughter on stage no matter what the art...be it dance, musical theater or straight acting but come next weekend...I will be just a bit more excited than usual to see her dance en pointe again!

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Thanks Redstorm for sharing your "Transition" story. I know it will be helpful to many as they trudge through the remainder of Senior year.

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Another parent of a senior! Thanks to all for this thread. DD is away at residency so it has been challenging to help her from afar. She came home for Thanksgiving break and while she would have preferred to spend more time with her friends, we worked with her to finish up all her college applications and essays. I know she is glad that she will be home for winter break and able to work on her solo and DVD without worrying about any Jan 1 college deadlines. She has applied to six colleges (all as a dance major) and has auditions scheduled for all of them. First one is set for Dec 19th so it is getting close! She won't get to tour all of the colleges before the auditions, but as options play out, we could visit later on. We tried to approach the college search the same as a non-dancing student - a couple of reach schools, a couple of safety schools. She is now trying to see what company auditions she can attend locally or when she is in in town for college auditions. She will likely send a DVD to several companies- we will try and film the solo while she is home for break. With holiday performance rehearsals, it has been hard to find time to practice.


I can't believe this time has come! I am not sure what options DD will have come April/May and I am trying to stay open minded. Looking to find a balance between her dream and my practicality. Like balletmom311 wrote - excited and anxious- that's me!


I wish you all the best as you go through this year with your DKs. It's nice to know others are on the same road.



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Well we started this process a little over a month ago, while the results to her requests to audition are encouraging they are slow, so my stress level is still high! Also communication with DD is a little difficult this month as she has been on tour the last two weeks doing Nutcracker. DD has six more weeks until she leaves for Europe. Once her Nutcracker shows are over, right after Christmas, she will have one week off to recharge and then two weeks to focus 100% on getting ready for her trip. I just pray she stays healthy!


P.S. If you are in Cleveland, Ohio RWB is performing this weekend.

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balletmom311, RWB just finished up here in our city this weekend past. Gotta love how the Bear, hockey players, and Hudson Bay are represented in the show. It is amazing to see one's child performing on the National Arts Center stage!! :):thumbsup: ( a parental memory forever held)My dancer is doing Connecticut Nut again this year, too far to travel for this mom :blink:

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Well DD heads to Europe tomorrow! Her first audition is 3 hrs after she arrives, not ideal but the flight was booked before the audition schedule was posted. DD is super excited, she will be gone for a month and has eight auditions scheduled so far and hopes to arrange a couple more. We started contacting companies at the beginning of November so it has been a long process.


Sadly no job at home company, they only hire one apprentice female and one male per year. She had a meeting with the AD and he was very encouraging and supportive, he told her to stay in touch, that you just never know. He also told her that she still had lots more to develop and unlock and that going to Europe to audition was exactly what she should be doing. The best part, he took the time without being asked and wrote to a friend who is the AD at one of the companies she has been invited to auditon for!


So although I am still anxious, I now DD is healthy, happy and about as confident as she has ever been! Now, I just have to remember to breath.

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Oh Balletmom,


SOOO exciting and yet equally stressful!!!!!!


Best of luck to your daughter and a safe safe journey, I love her courageous attitude which you must share as well.








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Balletmom, so nice that your daughter's AD was willing to write another AD about your daughter! From our experience, very few people (ADs or teachers) are willing to stick their neck out and vouch for the dancers because they have not been "vetted". Merde to her on her auditions in Europe.

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Two college auditions down, 4 to go. But at least we seem to have all the academic issues sorted out. DD has been academically accepted to all her programs, now it is just waiting for the auditions. She is auditioning for a mix of kinds of dance programs, so it will be interesting to see how it all turns. She received as acceptance in dance from her first school, but was very disappointed in the quality of the other auditionees which makes her think the program is not strong. (but she did love the university and campus).

She auditioned Friday for Shenandoah, which is a contemporary program, or that is how they describe themselves. It was a long day with a full ballet class, then a one hour modern, then a one hour jazz class, followed by prepared solos. DD was wonr out by the end and concerned because she felt her jazz was not good. I was surprised by the low level of some of kids auditioning, particularly in the ballet portion. I don't know if this is the case at all colleges auditions, that there are some kids who really don't belong, or if it is particular to the more contemporary/modern based programs.


It does seem as if we will now make it through her senior and she will find her place. But I am worn out.

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Younger DD applied to college Early Decision, and was accepted, so she is heading off to one of those Liberal Arts Colleges with Liberal Arts Dance that I asked about oh so long ago (for older DD!). I have to say -- and I'm really not trying to be mean to those of you still in flux, my heart goes out to you -- it's a relief to have everything sewn up at this point.


DD's high school excuses seniors from class for several weeks to do a May Project, and DD will be choreographing and staging an entire dance show, using dancers from her youth company. Since I will be her faculty advisor -- hey, she asked me! -- I am also going to encourage her to meet with local choreographers to learn more about the choreographic process. Not to worry, her real advisor will be her AD, who is also a choreographer.


For those of you keeping tabs on my family, older DD is set to graduate from college this spring. That's a whole 'nuther set of anxieties!

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Nice to hear that your two are doing well, Treefrog. I wish them both the best in their coming transitions, and you as well! :)

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Great to hear about your DDs, Treefrog! Makes it all worthwhile, when they FIND IT!! Congratulations. :)

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What a relief Treefrog. :) Now you all can relax for the rest of the school year and enjoy 2 graduations. Congratulations to mom and daughters!

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