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DD called from London at 1:00am our time, she missed her flight to Monte Carlo! She was able to get on a later flight after paying a "rescue fee" and taking a train ride to another airport. This is only day three of a month long trip, I sure hope her luck with airlines improves.

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balletmom311 - How nerve wracking! I hope travel gets a bit easier as the weeks go on. I am so impresses with your DD taking the initiative to go to Europe to audition. You must be very proud of her.

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Just thinking the same thing...she must be very well 'put together' of a young lady to manage this all. I would not be able to handle this travel. Good for her! Hang on to your nerves! We're all hoping for her success!

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DD is safely in Monte Carlo and staying with dear childhood friend who is a dancer.


Lesson #2 - plan to arrive at airport two hours before flight is scheduled to depart. Then if your cab is late and you cant get your highspeed train code to work, you wont miss your flight!


Cut off is 40 minutes prior to departure and not a minute later. By the time they turned her away and sent her to the information desk to plead her case and she called me it was 7 minutes past the deadline!!!!


I really can't imagine how anyone managed to do this before cell phones and the internet.


Thank you for your kind wishes.

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Balletmom311, can I just say that I am fascinated with your daughters audition journey in Europe. Please continue to post updates. My own DD is only a freshman(HS) and I can't help but wonder if the future will hold anything like this for us!



Best wishes for both of you!

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Is anyone else out there feeling frustrated with travel arrangements for auditions? We have already had to make some changes in travel itinerary, which always costs money. Just when I THOUGHT I had it all sorted out, turns out I did not.




And then of course there is the cost.............. :wub:

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One remedy for travel change costs is to live in a city served by Southwest Airlines. Their tickets can be changed with no penalty, and while the cheapest fares are nonrefundable, the money from a cancelled ticket can be saved for future use. We call it the Bank of Southwest.

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I had to make changes to dd's itinerary twice last month while she was abroad. Kaching! And we aren't unfamiliar with this scenario. Very difficult making plans these days. We also just received a hotel charge for a reservation which was cancelled less than 24 hours notice because of a last minute audition invitation in another city. Just couldn't be helped. It is frustrating paying these change fees. We thought we had it well planned also mom2. The best laid plans of mice and men...

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I know this was mentioned somewhere a couple years ago, but since I can't find the thread I'll re-raise it here.


For those with under 21 DKs traveling alone to auditions, be sure to call the hotel where they will be staying ahead of time. Before booking a reservation online, I called the hotel to make sure my 18 yo DD would not have a problem checking in alone. Sure enough, the front desk informed me that there must be at least one guest over 21, as the rooms have mini bars. She then proceeded to tell me that as long as DD didn't appear 12, no one was likely to check her age anyway... :lol: Not comfortable taking a chance on an after-dark arrival in a major city, I asked if they had any rooms without mini bars. The clerk said no, but she would see if they could arrange to empty one for an additional fee (big surprise there). She put me on hold, then returned to the phone to say "oops", she was mistaken, the minimum check-in age for the hotel is in fact 18.


Some hotel websites post a minimum check-in age, others do not. It is worth it to check--and take names!

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Eight auditions down, three to go! We didn't make it to one of the auditions, because of the weather in Oklahoma. They had closed the university during the week but decided to go ahead with the Saturday audition. Oklahoma city airport was shut down so it was impossible to fly in. They are allowing us to do a video audition, but I am concerned since this is one of the schools my DD was most interested in. Any insights to acceptance through a video? I can't wait for this to be over, but can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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We anticipated the problem with checking in under 21 - it didn't occur to us it might be because of minibars but that kind of makes sense. What we've found is that it is a state "law" (I'm sure there's a different term, but this is what we've been told so far) that prohibits hotels from renting the room to anyone under the age of 21 in California as well as Florida. What we've found in reality is that many hotels will overlook this - as long as the ID matches the name. Having the credit card in the DK's name (and the reservation's name) has been helpful. We've been told by several places that the DK can check in at the age of 18 - with proper ID - depsite any state regulations prohibiting it. The other stipulation was that no one in the "traveling party" be under the age of 18. We've made sure to document any conversation with the hotels in the event there were late night check in fiascos. DH has always felt that they would rent the room if it was empty - just to make sure it didn't stay empty!

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Exactly what I was thinking, Cheetah--in this economy they would likely rent a room to our cat!


Thanks for the specific comments about California and Florida. I assume that as long as she doesn't show up with a drunken entourage and looking like a hoodlum, she should be fine. But better safe than sorry--she would have been arriving at a hotel in Chicago well after dark.

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