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I would suggest calling the specific hotel for check in information. I have called several hotels in Orlando and all have said check in age is 18. Maybe it's a Disney thing (even though she is not staying at Disney).

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What are Senior DDs doing about choosing summer SIs in regards to fall placement in trainee or second companies. Most seem to be requiring attendance in order to continue the audition. Is it acceptable/appropriate to split SIs? Does this look like not being committed to a program? What do you do if you choose an SI and don't get a fall placement?


DD seems to have several quality offers for SIs with scholarships but no offer for the fall. She does have acceptance to university dance programs. Deposit dates and possibly first tuition payment would be due before SIs are finished. What to do?

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>> She does have acceptance to university dance programs. Deposit dates and possibly first tuition payment would be due before SIs are finished. What to do?


Can she inquire with the college about a year's deferral? (esp. if this is her second choice). That way, she could pursue another option for at least the first year, then if no offer results, she has "plan B" to fall back on to attend the unversity dance program. All colleges & universities that we've dealt with simply required a non-refundable deposit (in our case $500) to hold dd's "place" in the entering freshman class. And if something positive does result, you'll only lose out on your deposit.


Sorry, no answers for you on what to do with those company programs that require SI attendance for fall consideration!

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Re checking into hotels at 18 in Florida - I guess it depends on the hotel. Supposedly they aren't supposed to allow it. Or so we've been told. Maybe they enforce it more down towards the South Beach area, but I know there are some extended stay hotels in the Orlando area that post on their website that the minimum check in age is 21. But we were told the same thing in California about this elusive "law." But two hotels we called said no problem. Days Inn was pretty strict about it. DS' attitude is to not even make it an issue - just show up, present the information, and hope for the best. I'm not terribly comfortable with that approach!

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I had a similar concern for dd last Spring but the hotel in question wasn't in a routinely Spring Break area. I called the hotel ahead & there wasn't any problem for dd. I do recall having to fax a form accepting responsibility though.


A couple of times in Europe last year dd was asked to show the credit card which was used to make the reservation but was ok'd wthout it when the family name matched. I think this occurred at the airport most often. We to try to have her use her own credit card (when possible) so she can show it if asked.

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The credit card/airline reservations was something else we were concered about, especially internationally. We opted to get a card in his name as well as mine. We use it to make all flight and hotel reservations. That gives me the authority to make the reservations and him the authority to claim his ticket or check into the hotel.


Others may have different experiences, but we've had several incidents where his use of the card was declined because a transaction looked "suspect." The first time, he was overseas. Even though we noted where he would be when we applied for the card, and he had been making transactions there for months. The first time stranded him with no food for the day until I could call and take care of the situation. We had another incident when trying to arrange a flight home from Europe using an online booking system - and using his name as it appeared on the card. I had been using the same card but somehow when his name showed as the purchaser it was declined. It was rectified, but only after yet another call to the credit card company.


We thought we had taken care of the situation, only to have it occur again last week - this time in a domestic location. He had been using the card at the same store for over five months when the credit card company thought it looked suspicious. Even though it was identical to his spending habits for a while. They have now indicated that they have moved our account to a department that is designated for people who travel a lot. Which is where it was supposed to be all this time. He has an upcoming trip overseas again. I plan on calling the company before he leaves to make sure they know to expect charges outside his normal pattern.


I'm sharing this so you can make sure to plan ahead for sources of cash in an emergency, especially overseas where it isn't always so easy to make phone calls to Visa to sort out the situation! Ironically, they have never questioned any of my purchases with the card, only purchases made by him. Or when using his name as the cardbearer online. I'm not sure if it is because of his age or what. I did point out to the company that some consistency in application of their fraud protection might be nice!

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we've had several incidents where his use of the card was declined because a transaction looked "suspect." The first time, he was overseas.

This has happened to me as well, due to a sudden burst of purchases made in a foreign country. It was assumed to be fraud and was a nightmare to get straightened out, in part due to the language barrier and in part due to the inconsistent application of fraud policies cheetah mentions. I have encouraged my DD to use her credit card, even just a little, whenever she travels so that she establishes that pattern of purchases being made in various cities.


Also, be aware that some hotels will issue pre-authorizations in amounts larger than your anticipated bill and essentially block some portion of your credit limit. I had held a reservation on my card on behalf of a large group, so they blocked nearly all of my credit until the final bills were settled several days later.


Back to the under-21 issue discussed above, the hotel I spoke with did mention that if the credit card used at check-in matches the credit card used to hold the reservation, DD was less likely to have a problem.

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You can also call your credit card company and let them know the card will being used abroad. They note the account and a problem is much less likely to occur.

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If you are going to be travelling overseas, it is always a good idea to call the credit card company and let them know where/when you will be traveling. They will make a note so that when those unusual transactions come in, they won't think 'fraud!'. A hassle, maybe; but I like to think it is nice that they are watching out for me in some regard given this age of identity/credit theft.


We've made that call each time one of us has traveled overseas and have not yet had an issue. (knock on wood).



Oops! Posting at same time as 2kids2!

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I make sure my DD always has two credit cards that are active. We did have one occasion in Europe after we had informed our credit card company beforehand. We were making a large purchase and had at least twenty customers in line behind us when the company required a call to allow the transaction to go through. Rather than holding up everyone and asking the store to make an international call in a language not their own we simply used a different card. Whenever we have called we are always cautioned that they may still not automatically authorize purchases.

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Calling ahead does work, but sometimes things fall through the crack. That's what happened with us, so we're very cautious about being prepared now. Month after month everything was fine. And then a simple purchase - at the same store as he always used - got flagged. And while the store is provided an authorization code that they can use to call and verify the purchase, not all stores will do that. At least one country my DS visited doesn't like the "prolific" use of plastic instead of currency. The store in this country refused to make the call and simply turned to the next person in line. So he couldn't buy his groceries.


In lieu of a second credit card we do have a joint bank account. You can link to another account and move money electronically. The transaction posts immediately - at least for the bank we use. Of course this requires being able to call home and ask that money be moved. We do try and monitor the account closely when he travels and move money whenever he gets close to a zero balance. But that's not the best solution, either, if you suddenly need a to purchase an unexpected plane ticket or other big ticket item. On second thought having a second credit card sounds like a better idea, especially when in countries where phone, internet, etc. are a little more difficult. But just by having that second card it seems like you increase your risk of identity theft and actual fraud. So no simple solution I guess - just go forewarned.


The upcoming trip will be a great test to see if our company has correctly annotated his account as traveling. I do like the idea of having him make small purchases to establish a pattern of use in the country we indicate he is supposedly traveling in. And to make sure the card is being accepted. That way, if a big purchase is required, hopefully it won't be as suspicious.


I'm not opposed to a company being cautious. I just ask that they be consistent. In our case, the denials have been a bit arbitrary, which is why we shared our story!

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