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I can't afford a summer intensive


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So, the title pretty much explains it all. I simply cannot afford to go away this summer, even if I did receive financial aid. However, while we don't have much money, we make too much to qualify for most financial aid programs. There's no way around it. I will be staying in California, not Chicago all summer, and my teacher in California has asked me to teach her pre-ballet classes while she undergoes surgery. In return, I will get free classes at that studio.


Will this effect me terribly? I will be dancing, at least. I figure that if I work my hardest over the summer, and dance every chance I can get, maybe I won't fall too far behind.



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L'Allegro, sorry, but you are not eligible for this forum, and also a moderator has not responded.

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Dana, if you want to be a professional classical ballet dancer here in the US, you'll need to figure out a way to do an SI. The competition is too stiff and the jobs, few and far between I'm afraid. That networking time and face time getting to know a company, and the AD getting to know you is just too valuable.


If you were 13, maybe, but if I remember correctly you're about 15, am I right?

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I just turned 15 2 weeks ago. Well, I guess there's no hope of me becoming a professional dancer then, because the only way I could afford it would be if I didn't return to Ballet Chicago next year. In my opinion, there's no point in getting good training over the summer, then no training at all during the year.



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I understand, Dana. It certainly isn't an easy time to try to be a professional ballet dancer... :D

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That's fine. I'd rather teach little kids for a living instead of dancing professionally. At least, if I get good training for the next 3 years, there may be a chance for that.

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I'm not sure how advanced you are and what your training is but I think that you should never give up hope. Maybe you can save up and be able to go to an SI next year. There is this quote "If ou say you can you can, but if you say you can't you're right," so I think that you shouldn't give up now if that is really wahat you want to do. I'm sorry for a lot of quotes (though I think inspirational quotes help me), but there is this quote by Marry Lou Retton, the gymnast, that says "Eachone of us had a fire in our hearts for something. It's our goal in life to find it and keep it lit." So I think you should kee p these in mind and stay optimistic. This is just my view as a student, so good luck with whatever you decide to do. :)


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