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Darcey on Strictly


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Have just watched the audience lift the roof off of BBC TV centre after Darcey Bussell's jive routine on Strictly Come Dancing. Hope some of you ballet fans had the opportunity to see it, and hope somebody out there knows how to record these things and post them on YouTube. Please please please, SOMEBODY post it on YouTube, I want to see it again!!!

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If you live in the UK, you can watch it for the next 7 days on the BBC iPlayer (a wonderful invention) on your computer.


She was amazing wasn't she? I understand that Ms Bussell retired because she was carrying some chronic pain and potential injury, and wanted to leave at the top of her profession, rather than dogged by injury, but you would not have known that she was in pain from that dance. And she showed us why she's a judge on the programme. And what an actor and performer! Marvellous!

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I think that in that one performance, Darcey proved why in ballet, she became such an international star. Her have a go attitude is remarkable and lets face it, most principal ballerinas would absolutely have turned their nose up at the idea of dancing on a fluffy entertainment show like Strictly. I certainly think that there will have been a few ballroom and latin afficionados out there sat bitterly muttering away to themselves because it was not a text book Jive routine, but bottom line, it was AMAZING.


I've found a YouTube video for anyone that fancies a peek:




(PS. If linking to YouTube is not allowed, please forgive me.)

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That was brilliant!

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Love it!!! Thank you for posting the link, crazydancing! :)

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For those non-UK BT4D members, Strictly Come Dancing is the programme your "Dancing with the Stars" is based on. You have a couple of our judges -- Len Goodman and Bruno Tognioli. We're lucky that Ms Bussell has joined the judges panel on SCD for the quarter finals on. Her expert knowledge is very much appreciated.


Strictly Come Dancing is a reworking of a very long running BBC ballroom dance programme, "Come Dancing."

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Thank you for posting, and also for the explanation. (being non-UK and non-US, I do not know either show.. :) )


It was such fun to watch! (and, I can imagine, great fun to do!)



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