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What do you find comfortable to wear to your ballet classes? I'm an old fashioned guy and stick with the traditional black tights and white tee shirt, but I notice that most of the women I take class with almost never wear the usual pink tights and black leotards. Is this all about body image problems? Or is it a case of pink tights and black leotards being considered kids wear?


I know that a lot of dance studios have very relaxed dress codes for adults I guess as a way of getting more of them to join.


What are your feelings about what you and others should wear in ballet?

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Most women would not feel very comfortable in pink tights. Vericose veins, cellulite, gravity- These things tend to have a negative effect on the self-esteem of those of us who cannot afford plastic surgery....


Mother Time isn't always the kindest to women.

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Time isn't necessarily kind to men, either, Clara! But they haven't had a lifetime of being judged as people by some external and artificial standards of "attractiveness" or "beauty" so they don't seem to notice.


That said, I've gone back to pink tights, and a leotard. I can see how my hips move in them, and really, I should be trying to get over vanity, rather than giving in to some silly socially-induced notion of how I "should" look!

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Black tights over leotard, usually stirrup tights, pink slippers.


I find pink tights to be a rather (ahem) high maintenance--too much shaving / whatever and also since I bike commute, it's not unheard of for me to have bike grease on my calves. It comes off, but only with quite a bit of scrubbing. I'd rather not scrub.


Over the leotard again is mostly convenience, though I'm not fond of the black tights under leotard look either.

If I must wear something to stay warm, I try to get it off as soon as possible and also I try to make it relatively fitted.


As for the shoes: once I tried bare feet in shoes, I never wanted to go back to full-footed tights.

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In technique classes, we are required to wear pink tights and dark-coloured leotards. No skirts :devil: (although I sometimes wear a chiffon skirt on a "bad body image day" :) ) For adults' open classes, we can wear anything, as long as it is relatively form fitting and allows ease of movement, but I still tend to wear a leotard and tights (and usually a skirt to those classes since I'm allowed to).


I actually like pink tights. I used to wear black tights when I first went back to ballet, but I found that that broke the line of the legs to ballet shoes (having criss-crossing pink ribbons on black tights, instead of a "seamless" look from legs to shoes). I hate dancing without tights, as I find shoes and ribbons uncomfortable without the "buffer" of tights, and usually wear transition tights so I can put my pointe shoe padding directly on my foot (underneath the tights).


As a matter of interest - why do so many people like bare feet in shoes? I know numerous girls at my studio like it. I just don't get it. But it's probably a matter of personal preference.

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I alternate between black and pink convertible tights. The black ones I usually wear over the leotard. Most of my leotards are black, but I do have navy, purple, and burgundy in my favorite style.


I've noticed the bare feet in slippers, too. Also, wearing pink tights OVER the leotard, which seems strange to me, but then to each his own.

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When I started back, unitard with floppy t-shirt and floppy-ish legwarmers. Couldn't find a pair of tights I could fit into even if I wanted to - same with leotards - at that time.


As I got into better condition physically, I switched to tighter T-shirt and tighter legwarmers over my unitard.


I have now "graduated" to proper leotard and tights - all black, of course - tight legwarmers and tight t-shirt (time still isn't kind, as yet). The other day I had no choice but to wear pink tights as I ran out of my black ones, and it was so warm I couldn't cope with legwarmers, so I wore dance shorts instead. That's when I got my compliments on my leg lines from the two teachers! :) But I still prefer black tights and black leotard.


I doubt I'll go much beyond this. Have to get into a rather tight tutu at the end of this year, so I'm working hard on conditioning the upper body.


I can't speak for others but I would prefer bare feet in all my shoes, including pointes, if it weren't for the fact that the insole rolls up too quickly. As it is, I wear socks - regular socks - inside slippers, and normal tights inside pointe shoes now. I hated wearing tights in pointes before the use of padding because I would blister more quickly with the cloth than in bare feet.

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Pink tights, black, brown, or blue leotard (since those are the colors I have). Technically we're supposed to wear black leotards and pink or black tights but I've never seen the dress code enforced in adult classes except for a time when the teacher couldn't see the student's feet since her pants were really long. I feel I need as much help in ballet as possible so the easier the teacher can see my body and how it's moving, the better. I'm very self concious about my legs normally (huge, bulgy varicose veins) but the pink tights offer enough coverage that I don't even think about them.

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I never did ballet at all as a child, and as an adult beginner a pink tights and black leotard dress code would have been slightly intimidating. Plus, speaking as a reasonably busty girl, it's hard to find a leotard with adequate support and a high back.


I wear black leggings with pink tights underneath and a form-fitting black top. Black legwarmers, too. I don't like bare feet in slippers or shoes.

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I wear black leotard, black tights, legwarmers and black skirt. I do have 2 pairs of tan tights, but they don't fit!! My shoes are tan. Pink tights would look silly on me since I'm olive skin. I'm hoping to lose some weight to fit into my tan/flesh colored tights because I think it will look cool with my shoes.


I wear the skirt to cover my non-6 pack abs. When I danced before in college I always just wore a leotard and tights but any color. We did not have a dress code. I did not need the skirt back then! I never wore footed tights back then, but now I always do.


In my adult classes now there is no dress code. Most of the ladies for ballet do wear leotard and tights but not necessarily black with pink. Skirts are popular and bootie shorts. There are some women who wear sweats or leggings and tee-shirts but they are the minority in the classes I've been in.


I am probably one of the most overweight in my classes but I felt like it was important for me to dress the part even if I don't have the body for it to make it serious and to be taken seriously by the instructor.

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My dress code is solid color leotard and pink tights. I usually wear a solid color leotard and pink or black tights. I prefer pointe shoes with my covertible tights rolled up because I have a lot of trouble keeping the heels on and they stay on MUCH better in bare feet. For performance I have to use rosin or double stick tape to keep my pointe shoes on my heels.


I hate skirts--they really annoy me if we are doing anything from fifth position. I don't wear leg warmers because they always fall down. I wear some warm up pants and a t-shirt or sweater and take them off when I get warm. I'm not too old yet, so no varicose veins yet!!

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More and more adult dancers are wearing yoga pants, the most unattractive leg-wear possible, they make the leg look short and the backside look absurdly large.

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I had to look those up as I'd never seen them (or at least seen them with that label of "yoga pants") before. They just look like straight-legged pants to me. I used to wear those to my college ballet classes. They were tight but comfy! :-)

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If I'm having a fat day I will wear a skirt with my leos. Black tights are banned at our studio, and the girls get called out of if they wear them, so I wear the regulation pink ones. I've been told since I'm an adult I can wear anything I want......yoga pants or the like...........but I usually wear the same color leo as my level does. Every once in a while I'll get frisky and wear a different color leo. :huh:

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I've two pair of black dance tights ( one is footed) and 2 pair of black bicycling tights. The first time I wore the bike tights with the black reflective material in them the male teacher said, "bike tights, right?" then he and all others ignored the differences after that. The wife got me 6 tank tops 3 in darker colors and three white. No problems with colors. On the last Nutcracker practice before Halloween I wore a shiny Fuschia unitard left over from my aerobics days. Several of the Adult women in the Company and two moms on the side-lines thought it was great. No one else said anything.

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