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My questions above are still very much relevant, but I wanted to update on this topic.


I have been offered a place on the CBTS course, starting in January 2012, and as such, have about 12 days in which to decide if I am to do it next year or in 2014. I am having a difficult time deciding because I am torn between the CBTS and my university studies. I definitely want to do the CBTS course and become a ballet teacher but it's a question of timing. I would value any advice in this regard.


One of the things that makes me think that perhaps 2014 is a better option is that I know that many of the new syllabi will have come out by then or will be coming out (the dates I think are January 2012 for the roll-out of the new Grades 1-3 syllabi, and then I think my teacher said the new Grade 4 and 5 and the new Adv 1 would be coming out in 2014). If I were to do the CBTS in 2012/2013, I would be buying some of the old syllabi books (which might be a waste...) and learning some of the old syllabi, whereas if I were to start the course in 2014, I think I would be working with entirely new syllabi from Pre-primary through to Intermediate.

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May I suggest that you contact the RAD and ask them what will happen about the new syllabi. Explain that you feel it a waste to buy the old books, when they are about to be changed and ask if this will this be reflected in the course if you start in 2012. If you get a satisfactory answer I would do it now. Send a high priority e-mail to the person in charge of CBTS info and if you don't hear back quickly enough, phone them. I agree that it doesn't make sense to learn the old syllabi when they are about to change it all. On the other hand it's really only going to be Grades 4 and 5 that might be problematic. If you start in 2012 they'll probably teach you the new grades 1 - 3 and of course the IF and Inter are already out as are Pre-Primary and Primary.

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Hi there and congratulations on being accepted to the RAD course- my daughter also was accepted and is running a dance school and completing a double science degree at university. It is possible to do both (so she tells me -LOL-I imagine it will be alot of work-maybe you girls could chat together - I would love to PM you but I can't seem to. If you would like to talk about the course/uni PM me. We are in Australia. I agree with Hamorah that it will only be Grade 4/5 affected in term of syllabus books -if at all possible the course will be a real investment in your future- you should be really proud that you were accepted. I am an avid reader /fan of ballet talk but have never replied so I hope that this works :yucky: Any comments from anyone who is completing/has completed the CBTS course would be most appreciated!

kind regards

Amanda x

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If I were to do the CBTS in 2012/2013, I would be buying some of the old syllabi books (which might be a waste...) and learning some of the old syllabi, whereas if I were to start the course in 2014, I think I would be working with entirely new syllabi from Pre-primary through to Intermediate.


I would think of it as... Knowledge is never wasted. You could always beg/steal/borrow (I would go with beg or borrow) old syllabus books, or invest and keep them as a reference. It pays to know that the CBTS course is not designed to teach you "syllabus" but how to teach. Teaching methodologies don't really change in their foundations from syllabus to syllabus. Yes - before you yell the terminology and the techniques can change, but the foundations of progression, patience, sowing into your students, ways in which you teach are mostly the same the world over - just look at the teachers forum and the number of teachers who agree and use the same techniques to achieve different syllabus outcomes.


I have syllabus books from the 80's I refer to for ideas. My teachers had syllabus books from the 60's they refered to. I have never found them to be un-utelised and often a source of ideas. If that is the only thing holding you back I would not be diftressed. It is more important to decide when you want to do the course with your other life options and then just do it!

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Thank you for your replies. After a lot of soul-searching and budget-looking, my husband and I decided that the CBTS will not really be financially feasible this time around, for a variety of reasons, many of which have cropped up in the last few months. I'm a bit disappointed, obviously, but I know that this means we will be more than financially ready for the 2014 course (it's not run every year in my country). I'm glad that it gives me an opportunity to improve in my own ballet technique and to advance further in my dancing, too, before concentrating too much on teaching. I do hope, however, to get the opportunity to teach a pre-pointe foot/ankle/calf/everything strengthening class next year at my studio (not ballet technique, really, but does give me an opportunity to see how I manage in the "ballet" classroom).


As for the new syllabus - my reason for wanting to learn only the new syllabi during the CBTS course (which should be the case in 2014 if my teacher is correct) is so that I can get focused on teaching that right away. However, I would LOVE to get hold of as many copies of old versions of RAD syllabi books because I think it's nice to use some of those exercises sometimes. I feel that sometimes certain levels are "lacking" something in the RAD syllabus so it's nice to be able to go back and look at what exercises they used to have at that level and see whether or not it might be worth using as a "free" exercise in addition to the current syllabus.


I think I'm going to channel my frustration in terms of not being able to do the CBTS this time around into improving my own technique, reading up as much as possible about ballet and ballet technique and going to some Inter Found and Intermediate classes to start learning the new syllabus. I think it might be a good thing that I teach something like the pre-pointe class first, to see how I manage with that and to see whether or not ballet teaching is REALLY for me (I sometimes wonder if I have an idealised idea of what it will be like, teaching ballet, in my head). Teaching per se is not the problem, I have experience with that in other spheres, but I sometimes wonder how well suited I am to teach the younger children (Pre-primary/Primary) and with the slightly older children (Grades 1-5) I suspect I would be VERY exacting about technique and I wonder if that will be something that I would have to "tone down" and/or if I might not (oh, I hope not) end up turning some children off ballet. As yet, my technique needs a lot of work before I would even start to think about being able to teach vocational levels above Intermediate!

When I think of my future ballet studio (hopefully, one day.....in the distant future...) I think of making it as "pre-pro" as possible, i.e. having a full schedule, really offering numerous classes for each level and trying to build up a very high standard of dancing in my students. But not all of that is possible, necessarily (as in, parents being resistant to having their children at ballet everyday, the recreational students not having the facility to get to being as "pre-pro" as I'd want them to be). I have to keep reminding myself that I will be running a recreational studio. Because that's all I have experience for and knowledge for. Also there aren't many pre-pro students in my country!

I'm just trying to make myself be as realistic as possible...

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