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ADC Dates and new stuff up!


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Woo hoo!


OK, before I register I need feedback on whether I should do the full day program vs short day.

I have been taking 3 to 4 ballet classes a week (usually 3) for 3.75 to 4.75 hours a week. Plus an hour of Pilates and an hour of yoga. I also run three miles three days a week. Starting in January I'll be cutting back on my number of days but will still be doing 4.5 hours a week of ballet since I'll be taking a 2 hour class at a different studio plus my usual two 1.25 hour classes. I will also be taking Pilates but will be doing yoga at home on my own (dvds). I am planning on adding one more class (1.25 hours) after tax season (mid April) plus I could possibly add the intermediate class where I can do the barre (45 min to 1 hour) and occasionally center (another 30 to 45 min). Will this be enough to be prepared for the full day progam (I'm sure I'll be level 2)?


Also, anyone have any spouses looking for a golf partner while we're there? :sweating:



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The full day vs. the half day is really preference. They now are offering a "Ballet only" option since many of us really only do the ballet-oriented classes. That's new, that option!


The rest of the day includes modern, character and jazz, stretch class and a couple of lectures here and there. I must admit I don't take the modern, character and jazz classes but that's mainly because I'm exhausted by the time those roll around. I do like the lectures, though, and the stretch class I took at the end of the week was a lovely way to finish off.


You certainly will be in shape for whatever you choose to do, with all the activity you're doing now.


Can't speak for golf, I'm afraid.

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I'm just afraid I'll be too worn out to enjoy it if I do the full day option but I do hate missing anything!


I saw the ballet option but I do like trying other dance styles. Hmmm....decisions, decisions.

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First time I went, I had the same worry, and about the same preparation level. At the last minute I signed up for everything, figured the cost difference was small compared to the total cost including airfare. I really just wanted the option to take one or two of the other classes. Wound up taking everything and had the most wonderful week! Sure, I was hitting the ibuprofen pretty hard by the end of the week - pace yourself the first day or two! - but I wouldn't choose to miss anything.

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If my body holds out in the current, killer schedule, then I'll likely do most of the other classes at ADC as well, this year. Previously, I haven't. But the cost difference is so insubstantial that I plan to pay for the full day anyway. I like having the option open.

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Thanks Serendipity and olddude, that answers my question. I'm in for the full schedule and I'll see how it goes! Now to save the money :ermm:

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I have already saved $500 towards the trip. Which isn't a lot when you factor in airfares from Australia, but I'm so keen to come this year.

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FYI, the first August camp - August 1-7, the hotel is back to being the Crown Plaza!!! YAY!

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I'm thinking with all the garbage happening with the airports and flying, that I might drive up and back to Richmond. I know it's more stressful on the body, but the costs don't seem to be all that different. I'm thinking that while it'll be a physical stress, it's better than the mental one that the airports/airlines put you through - especially with all the baggage I'll have (had two suitcases last year and NEEDED them!).


One positive is that I'll be more at my leisure to either come in early and see stuff (like Williamsburg - which I've been dying to see each year). A negative is that it doesn't leave me much leisure time before I have to go back to work (the Friday of that week after the first August camp).


I'm in very South Florida. Any thoughts on this?

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Recently we've taken to driving more often, flying less, because of the luggage restrictions and the overall stress of the airports, etc. But, I'm always in the car with hubby who is a journeyman mechanic :D


My only concern would be if you're alone in the car, well, shift happens....would it be possible for you to bring along someone who wanted to spend that time in that area, or who just wanted a ride as far north as possible?


O/T - Oh - and btw - I think Richmond is having warmer weather than you are right now? I think we here in Vermont are having warmer weather than you are right now! :pinch:

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LOL! I finally learned (with the help of a relative) how to turn on the heat in my house! This cold is really affecting my joints all over my body. Ballet's been painful.


I've traveled alone many times and my car is solid (good gas mileage, good make/model - dependable). I don't have anyone to come along with me, in any case. I'm just worried about time constraints after camp (not before) because of my work schedule. And, of course, it's a bit longer away from my little fuzzy babies...

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Still looking for golf partners for my husband! That might decide which session I attend!

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