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port de bras on barre


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This will be my first time auditioning for summer intensives (and at 16, yikes!)

naturally I'm a little nervous, as well as unsure, so excuse me if this question seems redundant.


when doing combinations at the barre, do auditioners expect you to do them full out? Or is keeping your arms a la seconde acceptable? Does this depend on the person auditioning you? Is it better to just ask the auditioner whether they would like full arms or to just keep them in second position?

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ballerinapetite, I moved this topic to YD because it is about technique as well as auditions, and one that teachers should answer first.


Do not ask the auditioner. Port de bras is shown with the combinations, and you are expected to do what is shown. If, during the barre, it is not shown, then ask. Keeping the arms in à la seconde is not acceptable if other port de bras has been given.

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thank you Ms. Leigh

got it. :thumbsup:

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