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How many plies?


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I was just wondering about how many times one does a demi plie in an average 90 minute ballet class. I don't know if these could even be counted in center exercises or combinations. It just came of a thought of how many one should be able to do at home to condition or for general maintenance. Of course I wouldn't dream of just doing consecutive plies for too long without throwing in some other barre exercises too.

My seven minutes of plies and other small moves that are possible in the stand up tanning booth are not a drop in the bucket..... I can't even releve in there because I hit the fan at the top but I can't just stand there. I usually have to stand up and do a little barre work during my TV dance programs too.

Why doesn't someone out there make a TV ballet class to follow along with (I do know the answer to this) but it could work for Wii if one expands on Jenny McCarthy's monitored fitness game idea. You have to have a web cam on you for hers.

I miss classes.

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There are tv ballet classes (well, videos anyway) you can buy to use. David Howard has a few out there.


And the NYC Ballet Workout is great if you have some ballet experience already (which you do).


I got lucky - a local studio's doing maintenance ballet classes for adults and I am taking them all - 5 classes. They're a bit spread out - about 4 days between two of the classes, but it's better than nothing.


Any sort of exercise would help maintain, though. Keep it up!

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I got lucky - a local studio's doing maintenance ballet classes for adults



Now what might a "maintenance class" be? Any different from a regular open class?


I will probably be fine going back to class any time. I have been going to water class and my foot/legs physical therapy all along. Classes have just been out of reach financially for a while. I do have a few left on a class card that I have been saving because the class was not at an ideal time at that school in the fall. It will hopefully be better for winter/spring or they may bring back the second class per week they used to have. I should have a notice from them next week.


I still wonder how many plies we do in one class. If one plie-releve exercise that went on for 4 minutes is any suggestion I remember doing 64 counts and starting over. I will have to see how many medium speed counts go by in a minute. I bet we are well into the hundreds for a whole class.

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A maintenance class is one that is kind of a middle of the road class (shoots for the middle in technique), may not be daily, and is usually on when all other studios are off class schedules.


I would bet you're probably right in the number of plies in a class! :-)

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In my classes it varies, but usually we do two or three sets of grand plies in each position. One studio does do them in fourth and fifth, the other in fifth only but with each foot in front. Then we turn around and do it again. If we do three sets in each position, let's see, I think I have enough fingers... 3 x 4 = 12, on each side. Okay, had to use a few toes... :thumbsup:


The key is to do them very slowly..

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Guest pas quoi

Oh my goodness, dancepig - Am I reading your post correctly? Two to three sets of grands pliés in each position? And very slowly? May I ask why? That seems like a lot, and hard on the knees as well as having a potential for building large thighs. :(


Interestingly enough, in my conversations with some of the ex-pros turned teachers around my part of the ballet world, they are experimenting with giving NO grands pliés on some days in their technique classes. The theory is - they do not serve a purpose that is so useful that the potential damage to knees (especially in fourth position) is worth that risk. I briefly studied with a teacher, Richard Adama, who never gave any grands pliés at all in any of his classes. His dancers were amazing (at least I remember being very impressed with both their technique and their slim long legs).


I have experimented with this as well. My students don't seem to mind one bit that we "skip" them every once in a while. I do always stress the active demi-plié though, as it is essential in all of our classical technique.

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Yep, four counts down, four counts up, three grand plies in first, three in second, three in fourth and three in fifth. Of course this is after demi plies. If our knees don't feel up to doing the fourth position, then we just do demi in fourth, but truly, it has helped me to focus on my turn out and my weight placement in fourth, and I keep my fourth on the small side. All of this is at the barre of course.

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