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Back in the Saddle Again


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After a couple years of gymnastics and then having a baby, I feel the best thing for my body right now would be to return to ballet. So, that is what I'm going to do. After hefting a now 20-month-old little girl, I need my ballet to get my body back. :) I'll be heading back to Ms. Dorothy Lister because she won't let me whine. :(


Wanted to say hello again, and see if anyone had any post baby experience on things to help build and or strengthen for the next two weeks until class starts again.

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Welcome back! I'm hoping to get back to class regularly in the new year. After 3-4 classes a week, I was lucky to be getting to one. Very sad. :( I'm doing some exercise at home and will get out a few ballet workout videos to try and at least warm up those muscles again.

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Welcome back! I was wondering what happened to you -- congratulations on your little girl!

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Had my first class back last night... She may be 70, but Ms. Dorothy kicked my butt.


I was sweating by the end of barre, and drenched and winded by the end of centre. Praying she wouldn't make us do changements at the end of class... :thumbsup:


She has a soul because she didn't make us jump...just a nice little reverence. :)


P.S. I love my teacher!

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Hahah, Temptress Too! One of my teachers is 68 and she kicks all of our butts! :(

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As a teacher who has had two children, getting the "old body" back was not as easy for me as it was for a lot of my non-dancer friends. I found that although I was dancing a lot(taking class as well as teaching), it didn't do a lot for some of my issues. I had to add walking to my already hectic schedule before I made much progress. By the time I stopped pushing the double stroller around when the older one was almost 5 and the younger one was 2, my shoulders made me look like I could have played defense for a professional football team!


My youngest is almost four now, and although I recently turned 40, I am teaching and taking classes regularly. Now it is more about making sure my body doesn't fail me in other ways. I have more core strength now than probably before kids since I had to work extra hard to get it back. The best advice I can give is go slow and steady.

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Enjoy getting back to class Temptresstoo. It's great isn't it! Its reassuring to hear that other people are in the same position. I am just getting back to ballet over the last couple of months now my daughter is nearly 20 months too. It's hard only being able to make class once a week after going 3 times a week before - and I can't make my favourite old classes either so I've had to start all over again at a local one - but it's still great to be back dancing. Feel impatient to get my body working again, but know that Tangerine Twist's advice to take it slow is really the way to go. Trying to do some barre work at home, but what I really need is good teaching and someone to kick my butt too - you're lucky to have your favourite teacher to help you on your journey back. Good luck with it!

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I hope to add a second class a week (on Wednesday) eventually. I need to build up some strength and tone up a bit before that. I used to be in that class regularly and it is more advanced/challenging.

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