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Ballet Schools Offering Year-Round Boarding?


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I'm planning on auditioning for some ballet boarding schools for high school next year. So far I'm going to audition for these schools:


*School of American Ballet

*The Harid Conservatory

*Walnut Hill

*The Kirov Academy




The one's I really like so far are SAB and Harid. I like them because you go to a public high school for academic classes instead of having a school conjoined like at Kirov, Walnut Hill, Interlochen and Idyllwild. I like this because you can make friends outside of the dance studios. Unfourtuntely, I'm afraid SAB might be too hard for me to get into and at Harid apparently you don't make too many friendships with people at the school because you only go there in the beginning of the day and don't attend many school events.


Also, I've only been dancing for only 3 years but I'm very dedicated. This year I am attending two studios and have 1.5 hours of ballet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday and 1 hour of ballet on Thursdays, as well as Jazz for 1 hour on Wensdays and Tap and Modern (1 hour each) on Thursdays. Next year I want to do 3 or 4 hours of dance per day and I want to go to two more studios (and the two studios I'm going to now) if the schedules can work out. When I audition and apply do they need to know how many years I've been doing this for? Also, I'm going on pointe shoes in a month.


My questions are:


Will I be good enough to get into any of these?

Are there any other ballet schools that offer year round boarding (in USA only please)?


EDIT: And by the way I'm not going to be auditioning until NEXT year I'm in 7th grade right now.

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UNCSA - North Carolina School for the Arts has it's own academic school

VSA - Virginia School for the Arts where you attend the local public high school for a part of the day

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Sparkly, there is no way we can know, without seeing you, if you will be ready to audition for these programs or not. You will need to talk to your teachers about that.

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Bossov Ballet is located at MCI (Maine Central Institute) which is multi-discipline boarding & the local High School.


Also, Boston Ballet School partners with local academies to help training students in their program:

at their website under "Academic Support"

Grace Performing Arts Academy: A Boston Ballet residential and academic partnership program located in Boston providing supervised housing and academic support. http://www.gracepaa.com/


Newman School: A professional preparatory school that provides both boarding and high school academics. http://www.newmanboston.org/home/home.asp "

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In our Pre-Professional Schools/Residential Programs forum, we have dedicated threads for each of the residential programs and many other schools. There is a wealth of information collected and collated in those threads. We strongly urge you to take the time to read each of the program's threads that you are interested in---and then some others.


Any questions you have regarding a specific program (or information pertaining to a specific program) should be posted on that program's thread. It helps keep things neat and makes it far easier for folks researching the programs to find the information. :)

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I am currently researching year round pre-professional ballet programs that offer residency that are also tied to a company. So far I've only found a handful.


There seem to be many pre-professional programs that offer residency that are NOT tied to a company.


And several pre-professional programs tied to companies but do NOT have residency.


Am I simply not looking in the right place? Or are there very few?


Thank you.

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There are very few tied to a specific company--if you are talking about the US. If you have reviewed the residency schools listed (and discussed) in our Pre-Professional/Residential Ballet School Forum, you will have covered your bases.

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Coffee crazy, I'm sorry to do this to one of your first posts, but I did remove it as on BT4D, we do not permit direct comparisons between or among programs.


You have good information to share, so I would urge you to please add your information regarding the two programs on their respective dedicated threads in the Pre-Professional/Residency Ballet School Forum. :thumbsup:


Welcome!! We are glad you found us and look forward to your insights and additions to our many discussions. Please do stop by the Welcome Forum and tell us a little more about yourself and your dancer and get a proper welcome. :)

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Canada's National Ballet School


Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet School


School of Alberta Ballet


All have a residence and all have an affiliated company, though of course direct entry from school to company is never an absolute.

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