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Nice poses for photos?

je danse dans ma tete

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I have a friend who is a professional photographer and he is adding to his portfolio. He asked if I would "sit" for him and is interested in ballet or ballet inspired poses. I would love to hear suggestions for poses... When it comes to dancey photos I seem to always do the same things: sous-sus arms 5th en haut, arabesques a terre and en l'air, splits, leg-holds, attitudes. Does anyone have any suggestions to spice things up? If it matters, I recently started pointe but I can't do big poses en pointe yet... the balance away from the barre is not quite there. Oh, and he does not have a barre or anything similar.


Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes!

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How about emboitois with your arms in a low second position with your gaze cast downward?

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Any of the poses in the Alonzo King LINES ballet calendar. You can find it at calendars.com (search "dance"). Those are kind of contemporary poses, but they are really lovely. You could also go to ballerinagallery.com and click on ballerina's names & then there are photos under each profile-maybe you can find some good poses that way.


Here is a picture of Alexandra Ansanelli for Mirella. I tried to do this one time & mine did not turn out quite as well as hers! I didn't have a copy with me to show the photographer what I wanted my arms to look like, so mine did not form the 180 degree angle that hers do. I would look through all the models pictures on the Mirella site, they may give you some ideas! :)

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My suggestion.... just keep moving!


The best photo shoots that I have been in, and got good results, are those where I did every pose and movement I could think of. Turn your back to the camera every once and awhile. Think in croise and efface. Use different port de bras. Try to have every 3rd picture different than the next (though if you feel like you have hit on a nice position, and the photographer likes it, by all means - STAY).


Good Luck!


*Edit - don't forget to do small jumps! And, if you have a flowy dress on, try some half turns!

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Passé/retiré on pointe and different arms (like 5th, allongé, demi seconde and others), with different positions of the head. B+ with any Swan-arms you like (both up, one up one down, little cambré).


When you have got pointe shoes, sit down and put them one and take photos (I like such pictures very much). Just your feet in pointes can look nice too.


Other poses on the floor (kneeling, like the swan)

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My favorite dance foto is myself in 1st (bare legs tan slippers) and a beautiful dancer behind me in eschape'. Photo was taken below the knees.

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Hi je danse dans ma tete,


Have a look at Richard Calmes Photography. LOTS of beautiful ballet shots. The studio portraits will surely have something that will inspire you and your photographer friend! If not, well, you can spend hours looking at all the beautiful photos! (I have!)





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