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Rotation, rotation, rotation!!!! And lift up and out of your supporting leg.

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I am sometimes wobbling in flat in pointe shoes during some adagio steps. I never have this problem in ballet slippers, only in pointe shoes sometimes. But once the wobbling starts, it is really hard to stop in the middle of a movement. My teacher said that this is a "power of will" situation that I need to have mind over body that I need to think that I have to stay stable in order to stay stable. But this doesn't work well for me. What should I do?

Also, is there a thread on ballet runs? My ballet runs are either not moving enough, or too jete-y..... I did a search, but couldn't find any related topic.


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Adagio in pointe shoes is more difficult because of the type of sole on the shoe. It takes a lot of practice. (Like, what doesn't? :o)


As for a thread on running, I do not remember one. Try watching some professional dancer videos. :D

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Yes, practice practice practice~ Isn't that the best thing about ballet -- you can't cheat!!!!

As for ballet runs, I found that when the professionals are running, it just seems so easy, and they all happened in a blink of the eyes. But then, when I try to do it, I get picked on all the time (not moving enough, too hectic if I try to move, too jete-y, etc). Are there particular imagery that I can think of when doing the runs?

Thanks for your reply, Ms. Leigh!

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I don't have any good imagery for running, but you have be really lifted up and while not on full demi pointe, you should be almost up that high. And then you have to rotate your legs, and pointe your feet with every step, feeling like you are almost not touching the ground. Your body weight should be very forward, and the knees moving, not stiff but not in plié either, just flexible at the joint, like in bourrées. Keep the legs and feet right in front of you, don't let them get out towards the side.

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Thanks, Ms. Leigh!

I guess when my ballet run turned into something more like emboite, the problem is probably that I am not putting my weight forward. And I should remind myself of the flexible knees too~! I will definitely experiment with that!

Thanks again, Ms. Leigh!

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