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My dream (like most of us) is the become a professional ballerina. The only thing stopping me is my parents. My mother is making me attend the possibly most academic boarding school around and my dad wants me to ride my horse at the olympics. I enjoy my horse and my school, but its not what i love doing. I know some people would give their right arm to do these things, but i would give my right arm AND leg to attend the Australian Ballet School. I have done my research and try and squeeze ballet lessons and stretching into every spare second and think i am ready to audition (even via video) but may parents wont agree. My mum also said that if my marks drop i have to go back home were there are no dance schools at all. Please Help!!! :thumbsup:

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, brunette ballerina. :blushing:


Since we cannot see you to know your abilities as a dancer, and your potential for a career, I think the best thing would be to talk to your teacher about it. If the teacher feels that you have realistic potential, then perhaps she/he would talk to your parents. It sounds like you are a top academic student, and must also be well schooled in riding if your Dad is thinking Olympics, so perhaps they are just trying to guide you towards a more realistic career. However, it is your life, and you do need to have some say in it, so, the way to do that is to really learn where you stand in terms of dance, so that you have a logical argument. Don't forget that you can always continue to dance, even if it is not going to be the main thing that you do with your life! :thumbsup:

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