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How much pointe?


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OK, sorry for posting on wrong forum. I'll try again. I have a 14 yr. old daughter who just moved from a very good prepro school to another very good prepro school (family move out of state). While we are extremely satisfied with the level of instruction at the new school, my dd is concerned that the pointe may not be enough. Last year, she took 3 hours of pointe a week. And this year she is only taking 2 hours a week with very little across the floor. Her classmates from last year have moved up to 6 hours per week on pointe and dd is concerned she may be falling behind. Do you think 2 hours a week of pointe is enough for a 14 year old who has professional aspirations?


Thank you.

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Did she have to drop back in level at the new school? I don't like just the 2 hours at her age. I'd like to see at least 3, plus variations or something else.

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Hi Clara,


Yes, she is in class with a couple of students her age but the rest are 13 and 12 year olds. The school is known for starting new students a little lower. I have noticed that she is alot stronger than most of the others in the class. I hesitate to approach the faculty because she is new and who am I to question their methods. :pinch:

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Crockett, how new is she there? If very new, give it a little time for them to work with her and get to know her. If she has been there several months, I think that SHE should ask her teacher about when she thinks she might move to a level with more pointe work. :pinch:

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Thank you both. She's been at this school for 4 1/2 months now--very reputable school and she was lucky to be placed in the prepro division. I'll wait for evaluations which are coming out soon then maybe ask then.

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If a school does not offer enough pointe, does it ever make sense for a student to begin taking technique on pointe just to keep up with their strength? My DD (14) switched from an intense pre-professional ballet program to a school with more jazz/modern/contemporary offerings. She loves the flexibilty, and has been thriving in the new environment, but pointe is down to 1-2 days week maximum. Her daily technique classes are excellent (even better than some at her old school), so she would be under watchful eyes. Many thanks for the advice.

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That would be up to her teacher, chicaballet. Without seeing her we cannot say if that would be good or not.

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