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a world renown ballet teacher about taking several (2-3) private lessons per week as an adult (but highly committed) ballet student. I'm already taking private lessons from a teacher once a week at another school (but would also like to increase those in the summer) but would like feedback from someone with another approach.

I welcome all suggestions :)

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Just quietly go up to the person and ask "Do you do private lessons?" (I just did it with a teacher I respect in the utmost!). Either the teacher does or doesn't.


If so, then, "Would you be willing to teach me? I need to work on....but am having such difficulty with... I also would like to..." Have some specific goals in mind. Most private lessons aren't really classes so much as working on specific areas of need.

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Be prepared to pay a premium for private lessons from a world-renown ballet teacher. In New York several years ago I remember the rates being $85 and up. Some were as high as $300 a session!

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