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Adult Dance Camp in Australia


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After attending one of the camps at Richmond last year (and having the time of my life, I might add!), I am now working with Heidi from Sun King Dance to establish the viability of running an Adult Dance Camp in Australia. I think it would be wonderful for dancers in the southern hemisphere to be able to access this amazing experience...and also for dancers for elsewhere to have the opportunity of combining Dance Camp with a trip to Australia!


As part of the initial process, we are promulgating an email survey to try to establish the level of interest there might be from potential participants.


If you are interested in the possibility, could you please email me at adcdownunder@mail.com, and I will send you out a survey? This is, of course, totally obligation-free and does not bind you to anything at all. Even if you are not interested yourself, I would be very grateful if you could forward a copy of this post on to anyone you know who might have an interest in attending a camp in the future.


Final decisions will ultimately depend on the results of the survey, but on the face of it, it appears most likely that it would be held in Sydney or Melbourne, and would certainly not be held before January 2011.


I also intend to contact dance studios directly to see if they would promote the ADC Down Under to their adult students. If you would care to send the name and contact email address of your studio to adcdownunder@mail.com, I will send them through some material.


The more interest we can register at this early stage, the more likely this exciting prospect will get off the ground, so we would greatly appreciate your involvement in getting this news out there. Please feel free to contact me on the above address if you have any queries.


Many thanks


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Sorry, but as we don't allow double posting, I'm afraid I must close this thread. I think people will still be able to find your other thread, but if you'd prefer it to be in this forum, I can move it for you--if so, feel free to PM me or another mod.

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