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falling out of double pirouette HELP! :)


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I'm 15 years old, and a year ago I learned how to do triple pirouettes, but recently I haven't even been able to complete doubles! I keep falling out of them right at the end (I think I'm tilting backwards) and my supporting leg usually bends before I make it all the way around the second time! How can I fix these two problems, and what can I do to make my pirouettes better in general? Thank You! :thumbsup:


(Sorry for not writing properly the first time!)

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I will be happy to try and help you if you will edit your post and fix every letter that needs to be capitalized and promise to start writing English correctly on this board. :thumbsup:

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Thank you :thumbsup:


When you are off on your pirouettes, start with the placement of your preparation. Fix that. Get your weight forward, and practice getting up on your leg and holding it in pirouette position. Then do one turn finishing UP, bringing the reiré leg leg down to wherever it is going BY DECISION, not because you are falling back and the leg goes down because you are busy coming down instead of continuing to spiral upwards. The supporting leg starting to bend is because you are allowing it to do so. You know better. Don't do it. Get your body up over that supporting leg where it belongs! :) Also, making it around the second time, or the third time or whatever, requires that the head complete the second spot, or the third, etc. Most people spot once and then never complete the next spot.


When your weight is back, gravity takes over and pulls you down. Your job is to keep going up, which you can do if you get up all the way in the right place to begin with. If you know how to turn, using your back muscles to motivate the arms, using the head, getting the relevé centered, and spiraling upward, voila! There will be pirouettes. :D

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