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Should I be better than this?

Polina Fan

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I'm 15, 16 in March. I've danced since I was 5, and I took a 3 year break and now returning (have been back in classes since October.) I am watching this documentary about the Kirov ballet, and it has me wondering if I should look as good as the pro dancers, or somewhere close, or if I have plenty of time to improve. I'm worried I'm not good enough, and that I need to hurry up and be good enough.


Hopefully this makes sense!

Any insight is appreciated greatly!

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Polina Fan, you took a long break at a critical time. I would have to guess that you are not where you should be at almost 16, but, without seeing you and without knowing the quality and quantity of your training, there is no way that we can know. I'm afraid that you will have to talk to your teachers about this. Are you in a pre-pro program? Do you have daily classes? I think we need more information here.

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I take 5 classes a week plus a conditioning class and a modern class, required by my ballet school. I had to take such a long break because I had kidney removed and problems that went along after it. I dance a lot at home too, and I feel like I'm an -ok- dancer. And I go to a very very very good school, not like one of those...sketchy, schools, so to speak. We're the top school in our city.

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Glad to hear you are at a good school! If you have a lot of natural ability and physical facility, you may be able to catch up. But still, your teachers will have to tell you where you stand. Are you auditioning for SI programs this summer? If so, that should give you some idea of where you are and where you need to be.

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