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Sun King Dance Camp 2010


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Hello! Another year, another dance camp!


Just got 2 emails from Heidi today: brochures will be emailed out soon, and also a survey for the down under camp!


So I normally go to the last Aug camp, but my friend is having a wedding in Richmond in June just before the June camp. So I'm debating going to the June camp. Who normally teaches the June camp? And those of you who are June camp regulars, how is the atmosphere like? :)


And for those of you still debating going to camp this year... yes! Go! It is awesome.

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And for those of you still debating going to camp this year... yes! Go! It is awesome.


Totally awesome - get there if you possibly can!! I am so sad that (unless the Lotto fairy smiles on me), I won't be there this year, but on the other hand, if we get enough positive responses to the survey about the possible ADC Down Under, then I'll not miss out completely. So please, everybody, send your surveys back as soon as you can! (I couldn't find a "going-down-on-both-knees-and-begging" icon, so please take it as read)

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When I went to the June camp, two years ago, it was Kathy Sawyer, Randall Marks and Danile Geisy (sp?). Loved 'em all!


Last year's first August camp was Kathy, Danile and Pedro Szalay, and Scott Putman - and he was amazing!! I hope he teaches our camp this year, too. :-)

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I would like to go this year, but am unsure which week is best to go?


Any suggestions? Any others from Australia going? Anyone need a roommate?

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Just waiting on hubby to figure out which week he can take off! :thumbsup: I emailed him the dates and locations to his regular email and work email, don't want to take a chance of him not being able to find it! Looks like there's plenty of golf courses in either location so he'll be good to go.


I can go to either Richmond or Saratoga Springs as they're fairly equidistant from central Ohio (Mapquest says there's about 100 miles difference).


I've been told fairly recently by three different teachers at two different studios that I have good alignment and am centered so I guess that's good. Now if I can just get those single pirouettes consistent before I go...

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Question for those who have attended dance camp...


How much does it usually run you? I am in the process of planning my wedding, but I really really wanted to go. I was planning on enrolling since I found out about it last year, but I recently got engaged. So it's kind of bittersweet for me because I'm excited about planning the wedding, but I know that every dime needs to be saved in order to have the wedding of my dreams. I just want to know if it's still even feasible for me to make it to dance camp this year.

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When I went to the June camp, two years ago, it was Kathy Sawyer, Randall Marks and Danile Geisy (sp?). Loved 'em all!


Last year's first August camp was Kathy, Danile and Pedro Szalay, and Scott Putman - and he was amazing!! I hope he teaches our camp this year, too. :-)

Last year June had the same teachers as the year before. My first camp, three years ago, included Scott as well. There are usually a few others teaching fewer classes, especially the non-ballet classes.


I keep going to the June camp, partly to see the same people again - it's like with a performance or recital, you get to know these particular dancers better than you would just going to classes with them. I want to say June has an especially positive, supportive community feeling; however I think everybody says that about every camp! I like smaller classes in general which is another reason I have stayed with the June camp. If I could find the time, I'd go at least twice each year, then I'd know. :)


Questions about costs have been posted before; check the stickies and do a search. Don't forget to allow for the hotel tax! Having a roommate helps with costs. There are several quite inexpensive dinner places within a short walk. I and many others stock up on yogurt and such for breakfast in the room; a tiny refrigerator is included. Plus there's a microwave in the hospitality suite; some people get frozen dinners and eat there. There are (slightly) cheaper hotels close enough, but in my opinion you miss too much of the experience that way. Nobody goes out clubbing after, so no big expenses there. There are three optional dinner events - a get acquainted dinner the Saturday before, an unofficial gathering Monday at Nacho Mama's after the trip to the dance store, and the post-performance party. They're all fun but none of them is critical to meeting people and getting the community-of-friends feeling. Do however go to the dance store - they open it just for campers and it's great fun even if you don't get anything (not much there for guys, you know!). Just watching dancers being fitted for pointe shoes was pretty educational for me. :blink:

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Hi Appleblossom,


I'm probably not going this year (had planned to, then looking at the cost of flights Sydney-LA -Dallas-Richmond and back caused a small heart attack) but I did the August camp last year and it was fabulous. You should go at least one if you get a chance! I added a Vegas wedding onto mine last year.


Have you filled out an ADC down under survey? :)

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Awww. I'm going to miss you Claire, you were a great roommate!!


I think I'm leaning towards the last Aug camp again, since as olddude says you get to meet the same old people again, and you make relationships with them. This does mean that it's less likely that olddude and I will ever meet!!! :-)

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HI Clairerpullen,


I have definately filled out the down under survey. I so hope it goes ahead.


I know its going to be expensive, airfares from Australia always are, but I'm hoping to visit friends of mine in San Fran on the way so at least I have a secondary reason for going so far.

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Looks like I'll be tentatively planning on the first one in August! Woo hoo!!!


If you have golfing spouses/partners/friends let me know, I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind having someone else with him at the golf course.

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Form sent off, money wired, fingers crossed I'll be signed up to Aug 1st camp! Yay!


(I was at ADC before, June 06 and June 07. *big wave*)



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Hi kh5589!


I'm getting married this year too! So money and vacation time are huge considerations. But I remember each time, at the end of dance camp, feeling like I could stay there longer, and remembering how I felt so happy and alive. I work a computer job, and it's so nice to spend a whole week being constantly active and pushing your body. So I'm making it a priority.


In addition to the camp itself, if I have a roommate it's about $350 in hotel, twice that if no roommate. Then there's cost of eating and drinking out, which I did every day. Dance all day, drink all night! I joked it was "Ballet and Beer" camp there. A lot of the students like to hang out at night (after all, it is vacation for us), though many just go to their hotel rooms and recuperate. Sometimes the teachers join us for the revelry. It is a lot of fun.


Then there's the shopping at the dance store. The first year I bought a lot of stuff, but last year, not so much.

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