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Making a tutu?

Polina Fan

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I'm sorry, I had no idea where to post this so I hope this is the right spot!


I am in a fabric and fashion class at school and we have to make a clothing article for our fianl sewing project, and I want to do a tutu (I also want to use this tutu at a fund raiser event I'm dancing at). I was wondering if anyone knew of any how to's in making a tutu or have had experience doing so, etc?



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Good luck with that! A tutu is a very sophisticated bit of sewing, and is not to be lightly attempted by a student couturier. If I could think of a rough parallel in complexity of construction, it would be the full-boned corset of the last century. OK, maybe a longline bra, but it ain't easy! And that's just the bodice!

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Polina Fan, the information about this will be found on the Pro Shop forum. :(

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