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The Brookline Ballet School

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For anyone interested in ballet training in the Boston area, a new school in Brookline, MA opened this month. The school's directors are Trinidad Vives and Parren Ballard, both formerly with Boston Ballet and Houston Ballet. Trinidad and Parren are teaching Brookline Ballet's advanced and intermediate ballet classes. More information about Trinidad's and Parren's training and experience can be found at http://www.brooklineballet.com.

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Thank you for letting us know about this new school, ollieshadow. (I fixed the link for you. :))


I have seen Parren dance, in Houston Ballet, many times, and I have watched Trinidad teaching their company classes. She is a wonderful teacher, and the Boston area is very fortunate to have this new school and these people to work with.

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My dd has been taking private lessons from both Ms. Vives and Mr. Ballard. I cannot recommend them enough,especially after having seen the remarkable differences in my dd's technique in just weeks! Brookline Ballet will have a summer intensive program from August 8th until the 28th. It is wonderful having another choice for excellent training in the Boston area!!!!!

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Hi Hummingbirds,


I checked their website and there isn't any information about their summer intensive. Do you know when the info will be available?


Also, any other additional information about the ballet program at this school would be most appreciated!

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The school just opened in January. The schedule of classes is on their website - from what I understand Parren and/or Trinidad will be teaching Intermediate and Advanced classes in the fall. It's best to email the school directly with questions or suggestions. As for the August intenstive, they are still working out the details. Again best to email the school directly to ask for more details. There will also be an April intensive the week of April 20th. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, Ollieshadow. I think that I will have dd go in for open class sometime during February vacation. That way, she can get a feel for the place, and we can get more info about summer and the week in April.

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I've been there for open (adult) classes a few times and liked it very much.

Also, the daughters of friends of mine are taking classes there and like the school very much.

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Yes, dd attended regularly during the spring on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. The classes are taught at a very high level. In other words, intermediate is more like advanced class at some schools, and advanced is like preprofessional/trainee class. The two primary teachers complement each other very well. Parren is a demanding technician, and Trinidad focuses more on artistry. You will work hard, and their expectations are high. The training is great, however.

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