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Need help finding a year round school/residency program :unsure:


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Okay so I am going to be a junior in high school next year. I am very happy with the training I am receiving at my home school right now, but I feel ready to move onto another school because I have been here so long. In terms of style, I am pretty Balanchine, so I would like to train at a program that is also Balanchine or a mix of Balanchine and something else. Also, it would be nice to have an academic program set up, but it's not a necessity. The same goes for dorms, and if need be I can deal with being with a host family. Lastly, I would really love to go someplace where they can refine my technique; with my ballet class SO many people in it and only one technique class a day (plus pointe/variations/pas de deux...), I don't think my fundamental technique is very strong. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated, as this whole researching process has been very stressful for me! :innocent:


Oh and PS- I have looked on the residency programs board, and so far Boston has looked a bit interesting to me since they have a residency program. I have also checked into CPYB because I know they have a distinguished list of alumni and also they really work on improving the details of a dancer.

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You might try Rock RAPA. Also, some company-affiliated schools such as Miami and Pittsburgh have year-round programs which might use apartments, dorms, or host families.

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You might look into The California Conservatory of Dance's residency program. They will begin hosting a year-around program (with dorms) for student's this fall. It is run by Melissa Allen Bowman, ABT's Summer Intensive Director.

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For fundamental technique, I would highly suggest CPYB. You said that you have already looked into that one, but I just wanted to say that it is great for going back to the basics and cleaning/refining your technique!

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balletlover, I believe there are some threads here devoted to host family situations. Reading these might help you determine if you would want to go that route and if so, what kinds of questions and considerations there are. Try searching 'Host Family."


It's great that you are reading about different residential programs. Even reading about programs you don't think you are interested in can help clarify what you are looking for.


Best wishes on your research!

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my search on host families turned up a lot of great info so thanks KAJ! :)

it really clarified how to find a good host and which schools have good host family situations set up, and CPYB was one of the schools i found! so this is looking even better!


the only problem about CPYB that i have discovered is that there's no contemporary/modern program, and I want to be well rounded dancer....

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While we don't get regular modern classes (there may be an open modern class though - I'm not familiar with the open class schedule), we have had some great guest teachers come in that taught modern such as Jonathan Riseling (from Ballet Academy East) and Jamie Rae Walker (Paul Taylor Dance Company). I would encourage you to look into the open schedule to see if they offer modern :grinning:

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I have started looking into Walnut Hill. My friend suggested it to me and after a good deal of researching, it seems like it could be a good fit! I have started filling out the paperwork needed for Walnut Hill, and since I missed most of the audition tour auditions, I'm going to have to audition at the school... :) ...


The only problem with CPYB is that they don't have a dorm situation set up. I don't know how comfortable I would feel living with complete strangers for a year haha

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