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My daughters are mirror image identical twins, one is right side dominant and the other is left dominant. The right hander is classic left brained and the left hander is classic right brained.


Is it more difficult for a left hander to learn ballet? Will she need a different approach? Since most dancers, teachers, choreographers and audiences are right handed, does ballet cater to the righties more ? Wondering what the future will hold...

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Tarcoulis, there is really no difference in a lefty or a right when it comes to ballet. Everyone has a better side for some of the more difficult things, but they don't alway connect to whether they are right handed or left handed. Some dancers turn better to the left, some to the right. They will develop a comptency to both sides, which works for corps de ballet, and then, if they become soloists or principals, their better side can be used in solo work.

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As a right handed person who does/did almost everything better lefthanded except write, don't be concerned. Especially in ballet where "both sides" are taught on a regular basis.

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